What is the best way to get rid of head lice?

Q:What is the best way to get rid of head lice?
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The best way to get rid of lice is to use the hair product.RID. No joke. Find it at a local drugstore.
I have found from working at a child development center that picking out as many as you can from the child’s head is best. I think the product RID or something like that works well if you do it exactly at the directions say. Or a more natural way, you can put mayonaise or vegetable oil on the hair rub into the scalp and cover with a shower cap of some sort this smothers the lice and they die.you will have to leave the mayonaise on for awhile but it washes right out. Plus, change all sheets, put sheets, stuffed animals etc., in plastic bags and store for over two weeks to kill any living lice off of the body. Run the vacuum and throw the bag away..You may even want to run the vacuum on couches and chairs and mattress’. Lysol spray sprayed on the carpet and furniture has been said to work. There is a spray you can get at Walmart that you spray on your childs hair everyday that is supposed to help protect them from getting lice, I can’t remember what it is called..hope this has helped you..
wash your head with lemon water, it will get ride of lice.
Dog shampoo promise it works and it wont hurt you 2 mayo does work it’s true I agree with the other person on that one rid and nix work well but are expensive so ur choice but I would try what cha already got at home and then go with the expensive stuff and remember a dogs skin is more sensitive than a humans skin my mother went to cosmetology school and learned that so the dog shampoo wont hurt you with the mayo leave on 20 to 30 minutes then rinse dog shampoo 10 to 15 minutes
Old fashioned way: KerosineMy mom told me a story about how she got head lice when she was a little kid.(long time ago.she’s 80 now). Her mother soaked her head in plain ole’ kerosine. She said it burnt like hell..but it killed the lice.Nice to know there are actual products made specifically for head lice these days.lol. use herbal shampoo
Light your head on fire, if that dont make em go, nothing will.
eww . but mm they have those kits in the store
Really, the easiest and the cheapest is to buy some baby oil from Walmart and put it on the head entirely. Saturate it. Don’t wash it for 2 days. It will suffocate them, and then use a comb, and comb them out. They will slide off easily with all that oil.
Get a big jar of Vasoline and a bathing cap. Before going to bed at night, saturate the hair and scalp with the Vasoline. Put the bathing cap on making sure all the hair is under the cap. Go to bed and don’t disturb that cap for 10 hours. Then shampoo all that Vasoline out. It will take maybe three washes and rinses to get it all. All the bugs and nits will be dead and wash out easily. Put all the bedding that will fit into the microwave and run for a minute. The same for stuffed toys. Soak blankets and clothing in 5% kerosene overnight, then wash thoroughly.
Cover your head with mayo and a shower cap three nights in a row. It works in dention facilities.
You can use products such as Nix or Rid, but these products are less effective than they used to be as many lice have become resistant to them. The public health office also recommends the olive oil treatment where you put olive oil on your hair for a few hours and wash it out. This treatment works by suffocating the lice. The only problem is that you must do it every 3 days for 2 weeks. Be sure to wash and DRY all bedding, etc. Toys, stuffed animals, etc can be put in plastic bags for a few days, then put in the dryer as well. Source(s):Nursing and parental experience.
there’s a special fine tooth comb – you need to get itand comb the hair. alot – wash all your bedding, clothing, stuffed toys, towels, make sure you don’tget the rest of the household infected = seperate combs, towels – wash any jackets that hung together.Then when cured as a preventitive i’v heard that melaleuca works.There is a shampoo put out by naturals called melaleuca oil -apparently it kills them, also heard they don’t like oil wrap hairin it and soak. then clean with the comb.good luck
dying your hair! You must keep hair dye on for so long that the chemicals actually suffocate the lice. But you must remember to treat your enviornment as wel to prevent reinfestation. soak all hair brushes etc in lysol for a few hurs and use Lice spray on all furnitue. Get new pillows and wash everything wearable in hot water and detergent. It may also be a good idea to use a bug bomb in your house.
honestly? Shaving the head!
http://www.dermadoctor.com/images/product/ProductPage/ridshampoo.jpguse rid shampoo you can get it at eckards, wallgreens or cvs.then all the bed sheets need to be removed and thrown away.all hairbrushes thrown away too.and things that touched the hair clothing and such need to be washed in hot water.also some other treating productshttp://ridlice.com/images2/4boxes.jpg
To get rid of head lice, single application of 1% gamma benzenehexachloride, 0.5% malathion or 1% permethrin on to the scalphair are very effective.Repeat the application after 10 days.Tie a piece of cloth over the scalp enclosing all the hairs to prevent the lice from temporarily movingout of the scalp. Next morning the hair should be washed with ashampoo. This treatment has no effect on the nits.Nits can be killed with 5% kerosine or removed by combing the hair with a fine toothed comb following application of vinegar that loosensthe nits.
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