what is the side effect of embrel injections?

Q:what is the side effect of embrel injections?
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Vaccinations are bad for you!A vaccinated person is MORE likely to get a disease than a non-vaccinated person. The whole theory of vaccination is flawed. It causes a weakening of the immune system thus making those who are innoculated more susceptible to disease.There are so many awful side effects to vaccination that it should be considered extremely dangerous.Just sit back and think for a while.Is there any sense in injecting a disease directly into your bloodstream.We have been subjected to an awful mind control program to enable the drug manufacturers to make a fortune.The Vaccination Hoaxhttp://www.whale.to/b/hoax1.html
There are many side effects and they were very well listed by a previous poster. However, I have been on it for 4 years and it changed my life without any side effects, other than a mild headache and a little diarrhea in the beginning. Unlike methotrexate and some other DMARDs, they work within 24 hours.The manufacture has a hot line with 24 hour nurse assistance and they can help you learn to use it and watch for side effects. I have never taken another drug where I got so much help.
Possible side effects of ENBREL include:Serious infections such as those with advanced or poorly controlled diabetes Rare cases of tuberculosis have occurred Do not start ENBREL if you have an infection, such as an open sore or the flu, or are allergic to ENBREL or its components Tell your doctor if you have ever been treated for heart failure Serious nervous system disorders, such as multiple sclerosis, seizures, or inflammation of the nerves of the eyes Contact your doctor immediately if you develop symptoms, such as persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness a higher rate of lymphoma (a type of cancer) was seen compared to the general population. The risk of lymphoma may be up to several-fold higher in rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis patients In a medical study of patients with JRA, infections, headaches, abdominal pain, vomiting, and nausea occurred more frequently than in adults Other serious adverse reactions were reported rarely, including depression/personality disorder (1%)
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