What kind of foods should a 54 yr old new insulin dependent diabetic eat?

Q:The hyperglycimia was brought on by medication.
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a very balance diet away from sugars and carbs. what kind of dependet?? Pill, injection, etc.. my advice: schedule an appointment with a phycisian for a glucose tolerance test to determine that condition. then follow doctors orders.having high sugar in you system does not mean you are diabetic even though it relates.
http://www.cooks.com/rec/search/0,1-0,diebetic,FF.htmlhttp://www.diabetic-lifestyle.com/cookingtips.htmBoth of these sites should be helpful.Slainté(to your health)
just like a 35 year old the age has nothing to do with it cut out anything white, bread,sugar,rice, coffee creamer, eat leaner meat,frozen veggies,fresh fruit,low fat foods and snacks,rice cakes,low fat ice cream,whole wheat pasta and breads and bagels and most things you can still eat too the key is to eat in moderation you need to eat every 4-5 times a day including 2 low fat snacks. the american diabeties is extreamlly helpful good luck to you. you need to eat like this so you always have something in your stomach for your insulin meds good luck
The key with anything whether you are diabetic or not is moderation. She can get sweets and starches in moderation. White is not good as in white rice, cereals, potatoes. As stated before, the doctor should have set up nutrition classes and your mother in law can ask for them. They teach you how to eat when you are feeling good, how to modify your diet when you are ill, how to adjust the insulin depending on what you eat.
Eat healthy, common sense. But if your are insulin dependent, than you just have to calculate the carbs you are taking in and balance them via the carb ratio you have set up with your doctor. There is nothing you can’t eat…unless you’ve been given other instructions due to other ailments in connection with your age or weight.
First thing…. There is no such thing as a diabetic diet! People created this just to make money!!Every diabetic (and non-diabetics!!) should follow a healthy diet with loooots of green foods!! Thats all one can do in terms of food.There is, of course, the medication and exercise which should be part of the routine to combat hyperglycaemia!
You really should be talking to a doctor or nutritionist.
Eating a diet that stresses protein (poultry and fish (salmon and tuna) are best, unless you are a vegetarian and then soy is very good), low glycemic carbohydrates (look up a glycemic index) and good fat (olive oil for cooking, almonds or peanuts for snacking), may assist you during this stressful time. Please be aware that medication (especially antibiotics) can bring on a systemic yeast syndrome, that works with diabetes to make it worse. You may want to check out www.hufa.org for some basic information. The doc that prescribed the insulin should have set up classes with a nutritionist as well to teach you. Never heard of such a thing as not doing it.
All types of foods, but in a diet given you by a doctor or dietician. If you can, I would suggest going to the nearest large hospital and seeing a dietition. For a small fee, she can give you a suitable diet with consideration for your likes and dislikes.
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