whats a fast way to get rid f poisen ivy?

Q:ive had it for 6 days now and its srpead all over may arms and stomach… and now my legs. i have been putting calamine lotion on it, but it doesnt seem to be doing the job. i am looking for any tricks or mixtures that have helped for you. HELP!!!
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Believe it or not, hyou have a lot of items in your home which should work a treat.Here’s a link! http://www.chiff.com/a/poison-ivy.htm
sometimes a vinegar and water bath will help with the itching, but it won’t stop the spread. as hard as it is, you have to stop scratching to stop the spread. However a friend of mine sprayed anti fungus foot spray on his ivy rash and the next day it was gone. Never tried it but it worked for him. Hydrocortisone cream
rhubarb!!! squeeze the juice onto it and it will take it away soon!
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