What’s more pysically harmful – Being overweight or smoking?

Q:The last time I quit smoking I put on an exta 10-20 pounds. While I felt good about having quit (for almost two years) I actually felt worse physically then I did when a smoker. I wish I could say I’m the kind of person who could quit smoking and still eat properly and jog every morning, but I don’t see that happening. So I caved and started smoking again and dropped the weight I’d put on. I’m in a bit of a conundrum.
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b/w the two i would say smoking.
I Say both because being overweight slows circulation and heart. and smoking gradually destroys the Body with tobacco, chemicals, and poisons.
i think smoking is less harmful because i am skinny and in shape for the most part. i still smoke but run and workout everyday. i think the better workout routine you get the easier it is to quit.
Honestly, smoking causes build up in your body which is difficult if not impossible to eradicate.Overweight is not.You can lose weight significantly in months.Honestly, is better dying old than young. You are probably using food indulgence as some kind of reward or maybe something to take your smoking habit off. You need to practise self control in food too.I have that problem with my indulgence in Coffee too, why? it would eventually cause diabetes.No joke. Somethings are good in moderation, some are not even worth trying.Food is the former, smoking is the latter.If all fails after a month, i suggest you see a doctor.There’s only so much a doctor can do, it’s in your own hands now.Life’s balance.God bless you.Teu Lay Yan
Smoking is definitely more physically harmful. It is harmful, no matter what else you do. But, being overweight does not cause as much harm as it could if you are physically active–exercising, powerwalking, or anything. Even parking in the farthest spot when you go to the store can help.Good luck.
There is nothing wrong with smoking. Over weight is detrimental to your health. Keep smoking.
both ur not harmfull.. unless u get cancer
Both are phsically harmful. But I would give up the smoking and at least go for a 30 min walk everyday and watch what you eat but putting on 10-20 is less harmful then ruining your lungs, I would think. either way is dangerous. smoker can get lung cancer. overweight people have all kinds of sickness. seek a doctor.
I have read a surgeon general report that stated… A smoker that is in shape, eats properly, and exercises is better off than a non smoker that is obese. That was a surprise to me…. And remember that being 10-20 lbs over weight is not obese.
smoke dope then you wont care about the weight gain from munchin
both are actually not good it is normal to gain weight after quitting smokeing as time goes on you can lose the weight that was gained its all in self control.
Without any debate whatsoever, smoking is way more injurious to your health than being fat. Neither is good, but there aren’t too many fat people who lose weight and then die ten years later from the effects of being overweight. Smoking damages you in ways that take years to fix even after you stop!
I would say smoking is more harmful than gaining 10-20lb.
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