What’s the average penis size of Filipinos?

Q:Are most of them circumcised or not? I have seen many good-looking Filipinos but don’t have any idea what’s their average penis size. Are they good in sexual intercourse?
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10- 12 inchesMany women say they want more. I say fo sho’
excuse me desertqueencowgirl?! we filippinos are not known to do that. we have morals too, you idiot! what is your problem its like 22 inches long i would know it happend like a few minutes ago . i would send you a picture but it is to freaken long to capture in the camera space available!. it felt good !!. you should hear all the noise !!. it was so freaken long it blocked my blader!!. it was so ruff that i lost a cup of blood!. it was me the guy and the 3 other girls that we met at the bar . i wont get into details cause it is a little to much for you to handle or hear!!. it would take up to much space on the page !!.
Average size is 6, if you heard of 8 to 10 or longer . they are not pure Filipinos. For health and religious reasons, all boys are required to be circumsized. Well, I can’t say if I am in good in bed . only my gfs can tell . but I wonder why they keep asking for more.
Average size is 5 to 6 inches when erect. Mine is 5.5 inches. Majority of us (Filipinos) are circumcised because of religion and tradition. It would be very embarassing if one is not circumcised especially in boys group, and for the Filipino women also. Yes, we are good in bed, very romantic. We are the best lovers in the world. We always make sure our partner is always satisfied in bed. We do sex with passion and romance. You got to be kidding!! They are the sweetest, most romantic men I’ve ever met in my life, but the worst lovers ever. Probably because they are so used to having 2, 3, 4, women at a time. They are two timing slugs. Never happy with one. Ever. They say they are, but they are liars.
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