What’s the longest cold you have ever had?

Q:I have a cold right now that I have had for a week and I am still really snotty- no fever, normal snot, but I have low energy. Do you think I should go to the doctor for it tomorrow?
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a week.
probably go to the doctor and get some medicine. My longest cold was probably for 2 and a half weeks.
lol, you gotta be joking!, I’ve never had a cold thats so short !^^ the cold I have now I’ve had since August, and I’m nto kidding, Doctors just say that its not to worry. I think its virus apon virus hitting in when low on immune system stuff. ..just stay warm, drink tea ( like all ppl should, not damn coffie, its bloody cafeine,.. yes a drug, drugs arnt good for the body) and take a hot showers before you go t bed and when you get up in the morning and drink alot to keep the snot flowing. Its the transparent fast running snot thats the really infections snot btw, incase you didnt know so makesure you blow it out and throw it away dont sniff it back up, its the bodies way of getting rid of the virus.GL and HF, dont have sex before you get married, cause thats pretty lame and stupid when you think about it !^^ lol what jackasses!.
I have had colds that lasted about 6 or 7 days at maximum. Although it might be a cold, you may have a virus going around. It is probably nothing to worry about but leaving it alone isn’t going to do any good either. I would see a doctor in the next day or two just to see what it is. You should also find out if it will go away on its own or if it needs the aid of medicine. I wouldn’t go out in public to much until you find out if it is contagious so you don’t spread the cold/virus. It is also a possibility that you have an allergy (ies) to something this season. I have had them and they are easily mistaken for a cold. If it turns out to be allergies see your general doctor and have him recommend an allergist who can prescribe you allergy medicine that you could take once in a while if you are bothered by the allergies. It is probably just a cold though. I’d get some rest and see the doctor if symptoms continue to occur. Feel better.
colds can last 10-15 days at times. If longer, its probably seasonal allergies.. Happened to me.. I thought I had a long cold, 2 months.. turned out to be allergies. But since it was seasonal.. it finally cleared up..
a week of cold is okay but after a week you could probably have different types of virus, you might as well consult a doctor, before getting bronchitis or parapertussis.
Perhaps your cold has turned more serious…like Mono…hit up your doctor..better safe than sorry!
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