What’s wrong with me?

Q:I am allergic to EVERYTHING! I break out when I come in contact with lotion, shampoo, soap, tears, sweat, plants, shellfish, or when I get sunburned. I was fine until a few years ago when they started developing.
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Your body is over loaded with toxins and your liver is over worked. Where did these toxins come from? How do you get rid of them? How do people get fat? How do they cure it?Right now 40,000 people in U.S. need a liver transplant. Most will not get one. Medications hurt the liver. See below site on fasting to get rid of allergies with info from 8 MDs.
go c a doctor maybe u have something like a disease =
Your allergies to these things are an example of “acute-on-chronic” disease processes. You have probably been allergic to wheat and dairy, since the beginning, but it take a while for your system to react, or to develop the “leaky gut” that ultimately causes autoimmune issues that makes you sensitive to these things. I would go to www.dogtorj.net to find out more about these issues, or if your a milk drinker: www.milksucks.com
You might have an auto-immune disorder. Go see a doctor.
Why don’t you just go to a doctor?
you should go see a docter and get some medication so that you can live a normal life. and i hope that you get better!=) be happy
I feel your pain,and have the same thing going on with me.The first thing you need to do is go and get tested to see exactly what are your allergies.The next step will be eliminating them so ur immune system can heal.Make sure you dont have any infections or other undiagnosed issues.Then completely eliminate all soaps,shampoos and etc that are scented and get unscented products such as magik botanikals found in health food stores.Find a good allergist or environmental medicine doctor to treat you. Good luck and remember ur not alone,extreme allergies are on the rise.
I’d suggest an allergy test. They do a series of tests on your back to tell you exactly what you’re allergic to. After you find out, you might be able to help it.
Are you taking any medications ?
maybe your immune system became more deficient after you hit puberty. If this came suddenly I would seriously advise you to see a doctor/trained professional.
God just made you this way because he knows that you are a strong person!
Have you asked your doctor?You should get shots!When did it all start?
Yeah I would check with your doctor, a friend of mine from school had the same thing happen, she became allergic to almost everything, it turns out she had uterine cancer and thats what was causing all of it, so go to a dr and get tests done!
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nothing you be ok
you probally arnt allegeric to that specific item u probally are allergic to some ingredient in all of those that they all have in them i suggest that u go to a doctor and the doctor could help to find out wat is wrong
Actually you need to speak to your doctor about this. That is a classic sign of Lupus.
see a veterinary or a human doctorbush
~~as far as why you are developing allergies, only a doctor could tell you that, but if you are not allergic to benedryl try that for relief from symptoms. i have tons of allergies and i understand the frustration.~~ time for allergy shots!
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