Where can i get the warning cards for malignant hyperthermia?

Q:Where can i get the warning cards for malignant hyperthermia?
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like for you to wear or carry on you? can you get those medical bracelets personalized? what about taping a warning on your driversl licence. Wow. never thought about that.. sux. I know this sounds extreme. but a tattoo would def get the attention of medical staff. doesnt have to be big, but on the left side of your chest, near the heart would work.
www.MHAUS.org. i got a warning bracelet from them and it comes with cards. they also list allergies on it. my bracelet hasnt left my wrist in over a year. i even refuse to take it off for the airport security, but you know how sever our condition is. another thing i do, is i copy the card and staple the copy to my insurance and registration in my car. that way if you are in an auto accident, and the dont see the bracelet or card, they will find it on your paperwork. one more thing, wear your bracelet on your left wrist. this is the wrist the paramedics will check for a pulse. i am also thinking about getting a tatoo on my chest warning doctors of it.
do u mean malignant hypertension?
Are you trying to say you have a family history of this or that you know you have this predisposition? If you have a serious health concern such as this you should consider wearing a “medical alert” bracelet or necklace. The problem with a wallet card is that it may never be seen by the people in the operating room that need to know. Go online and do a search for a Medical Alert bracelet or necklace, you can put any allergies on it too.Julia, RN
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