Which is the best cure for joint pains in Diabetes patient available in Chennai India?>?

Q:Which is the best cure for joint pains in Diabetes patient available in Chennai India?>?
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joint pain is very common among diabetic patients.there is no permanent cure for this . drink plenty of water whether you feel thirsty or not. for example every half an hour .but avoid water prior to taking any food for half an hour & also after.this water therapy is helpful for all type of ailments.i am practising it .iam also diabetic.regular brisk walk for 40 mintes is must. apart from all these things regular medication for diabetes as well as knee pain prescrbed by your family doctor is very essential.avoid pain killers as much as possible unless it is prescribed by the doctor .sugar control is very very essential. keep an eye on your diet . diet plays crucial part in maintaing sugar level.if you take more care on your health you can continue your service to the mankind more vigourously.
You may consult M.V.Hospital for Diabetes, Royapuram, Chennai. Joint pains are the complications due to diabetes.Please see the webpages for more details on Diabetic foot care and Diabetic neuropathy.
By modifying the diet and making some small changes in your lifestyle, joint pain can be controlled. More information at http://aches.in/naturalcuresarthritis.ht.
Looking at your conditions, maybe you might want to try nutritional therapy to replenish your cells with the essential 46 vitamins. My grandmother, 76 years old, who has been a diabetic patient for many years, and she is taking Spirulina (Certified Organic by Japan Health Food Association), and when the doctor diagnosed her, her blood sugar has dropped to normal level and she is feeling more energetic than last time.The human requires 46 essential nutrients from the daily diet. Essential vitamins consist of vitamins, minerals, proteins (amino acids).Essential nutrients:1)Most are not produced by the body.  100% sourced from our diet2)Many are broken down, lost or excreted daily.  Required daily3)Should be consumed in balanced proportions. Nutritional intake should be balanced.4)Are interdependent and may not be able to function without the presence of others.  The 46 essential nutrients should be presented at all times. Lacking of 46 essential nutrients, Acidic body condition, unhealthy lifestyle will lead to unhealthy cells  Semi unhealthy state – headache, fatigue, shoulders ache  Long term will lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, leukemia, many 21st century common diseases.DK-Join is a natural and stomach-friendly dietary supplement/functional food that helps relieve minor joint pains and protects delicate joint tissues from wear and tear. It also promotes joint and overall health. DK – Join has been proven to be 60% more effective than glucosamine. It also holds more than 200 patents worldwide.If you want to know more information, you can email me at [email protected] I will be glad to answer your enquiries.
First off. There is NO cure for joint pain. What you can and should do is control it.. Visit DrugStoreAmerica . Org . They should be able to help you control the pain.. Shipped FAST via Fedex!
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