why am i so worn out with my diabetes type 2?

Q:i am very worn out with my diabetes i do night shift as a en in aged care does any one have any good advice for me to get more energy.
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Sugar tends to give us energy. It is a substance that is needed by the body so that we can keep are energy going, and ourselves going. In the event of having diabetes, everything is thrown out of whack, because the individual cannot either keep the normal sugar levels up because of insulin use, or because of being on a medical diet that prevents it. Try speaking with a nutritionist or someone in your doctor’s office about keeping your sugar levels up with sugars that are healthier, rather than no sugar at all. Or in the event that you take insulin: you may need to request a list of harder to break down sugars. I know it will be a battle. But good luck.
peeps with is tend to be obese. R U ovrweight as that would exlpaine it.
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