Why can’t i produce ***??

Q:i’m 17, is there a reason why i cant produce any c*m, and only a drop of a sticky liquid??
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Maybe you haven’t been w/ the right girl. Or you aren’t stroking yourself right. You have to wrap your fingers around your penis pretty firmly and then go up and down, up and down, use some lube or spit and keep doing it until you are about to blow, just relax and let it flow. You should be able to get more than a drop. At your age you should shoot a wad across the room. If you are worried, go to the doctor, OK?
Consistency of semen isn’t very consistent; you’ve probably noticed that the thickness of your ejaculate can vary from day to day. This is because the quality of the fluid is very susceptible to a number of factors. Diet, exercise and frequency of sex can all dictate how thick or watery your emissions are, as can the tightness of the clothes that you wear (tight clothing will increase body temperature and can thus impact sperm motility. For men of normal fertility, sperm creation is a constant, ongoing process. Millions of sperm cells are created each day in the testes; they mature in one to 3 months, after which they’re ready to be ejaculated. So, since there are always sperm cells being made, there is a lot of overlap between your “loads.” Once one has been released, another should not be far behind.Actual semen quantity differs among individuals and can also change for the same individual during different times of his life. Genetics plays an important part in how much a male will ejaculate. Most males ejaculate about one teaspoon of semen. Some medications may affect the amount of semen produced. And you will notice that the longer you take between orgasms the larger the quantity of semen you will ejaculate. (You’ve probably noticed that if you masturbate more than once a day that the second, third or fourth time you achieve orgasm you release smaller and smaller quanitities of semen. Wait overnight and see how much more your body made while you were asleep.) Additionally, the more aroused you get and the longer you take to ejaculate, the more semen your body will produce. Foreplay — touching yourself in special ways in special places — will sometimes stimulate the body to produce more semen, since the body’s reproductive glands (such as the prostate) work harder when you’re aroused.Semen appearance and texture can change naturally over the course of months, days, or even from one ejaculation to another, due to a variety of factors inculding diet.Semen from a mature male is usually a milky or pearly-white color. It is not uncommon to see a yellowish tint to the semen if you’ve abstained from ejaculation for a while. Semen colored with red streaks may signify blood. If you occasionally see a bit of blood it’s not necessarily a cause for alarm, but if you see a lot of it, or if it persists, the condition should be brought to the attention of your physician. The same goes any other drastic color changes, which may indicate infection. A lot of factors go into the appearance and consistency of semen, including diet, ejaculation frequency, etc., so changing any of these can alter the way your semen looks. Also, it’s easy to think that semen is simply sperm cells in water, but it’s a much more complex substance than that. So it may have been the absence or presence of something other than actual sperm cells — such as sugars or proteins — that caused your semen to look different before.A nocturnal ejaculation may have more prostatic fluid in it (which is whiter and thicker), while a daytime ejaculation may have more sperm and fluid from the seminal vesicles, which tends to be more clear and less viscous.
If you masterbate too much this will happen. Try stopping for a few days. If you dont masterbate, and you only get that, see a doctor.
see a doctor.
becasue your 17
well *** is sticky liquid and maybe bc ur still maturing and ur balls havent started the process yet
If you are 17 and this is truly your “problem”, then I would seriously advise that you see a good urologist. Very unusual.Most males produce semen like crazy starting around age 14.
Dude put your **** down, what are your eating habits like are you healthy. Wait a while between yankings
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