Why do children have eczema?

Q:Why do children have eczema?
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Probably because they’re skin is more sensitive. Also maybe because their bodies have yet to pick up an immunity to whatever is causing the outbreaks. I have 3 children, and 2 of them had bad eczema as children but they outgrew it. I really think it has alot to do with what’s in their food. I use to put MSG in almost all my cooking, I seen something about it on TV and quit using it altogether which made the kids skin a little better but I would occasionally give them canned pasta or some such thing and this also has MSG in it, a lot of things actually do. Their skin was still prone to outbreaks. I mentioned this to my doctor at the time and he said there’s no such thing as an allergy to MSG but nowadays they say different.
I have atopic dermatitis,the clinical term for eczema.I’ve had it for over 40 years.People are born with the genetic propensity for abnormally sensitive skin,as well as for respiratory allergies and asthma.Some children will grow out of it;others,like me will not.It’s just the way things are and you have to learn to deal with it by educating yourself by reading books about the skin,written by dermatologists and keeping track of the latest medical findings on the condition. Source(s):Your Skin:From Acne to Zits by Jerome Z. Litt,M.D.Your Skin:A Dermatologist’s Guide to A Lifetime of Beauty and Health by Frederic Haberman M.D. and Denise FortinoEczema Free Forever by Adnan Nasir,M.D. and Priscilla BurgessThe National Eczema Association
There is no sure cause, though it probably has to do with allergies and a child’s immature immune system. The best treatment is to reduce any irritants such as detergents, fabric softener, jewelry, etc. Also key is to keep skin moisturized. It’s generally thought that eczema may have a relationship to allergies. Adults can have eczema, too — children don’t have a monopoly on it. Sometimes, the allergy that triggers the outbreaks is “outgrown” over time.
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