why do jockeys not have a moustache?

Q:why do jockeys not have a moustache?
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because when there riding and if it itches they would have to itch it and if they came to a jump and dong the itching they most likely will drop off
Its because jockeys are not actually adults, they are all kids forced into the trade when they are 3 or 4 and flung on the scrapheap by the age of 11, its a scandal thats why they hide it.
When the horse is going so fast, the moustache would work as tiny wings and the jockey would take off! Can’t say I’ve sat up pondering that to be honest. Probably causes too much drag and slow the horse down by a micro-second.EDIT: Forget my answer, the one below must be true!
Perhaps it is not aerodynamic, or maybe it tickles the horse when the jockey whispers in his ear! If it were a big moustache then it may add significantly to the weight of the jockey! All good reasons for not having one!
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