Why do people have to keep on taking a prescription drug if it claims to heal you?

Q:For instance, does tylenol or advil heal you against getting a headache or pain? Or does it just supress the symptoms? When we go to the Dr. we expect to be healed of an illness. What illnesses do they actually heal. -meaning we won’t have it anymore? Like if we go the the Dr. with a headache, and the Dr, prescribes aspirin, does it mean we are aspirin deficient?
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I am taking several drugs that will not heal me,they just keep me alive.I will keep taking them till there is a cure for my conditions,gee that stem cell stuff might`ve worked,no not aids,just diabetes,and heart disease.
Headaches have lots of causes. Stress is a biggie. A headache is something that can come and go. You can go for months without one then get zapped with a bad one. There is no permanent cure for something like a headache. There are no cures for lots of things, but medication can control them or make them better…such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart problems, etc.
“Heal” and “treat” are very different verbs. Pain killers mask symptoms, they don’t cure them. Antibiotics cure a condition, but that doesn’t mean you can’t catch it again.
Medications are bandages…. they don’t heal you… they supress the symptoms until either your body heals itself, or you get a type of remission from the pain. You will not be healed from illnesses when you go to the doctor, that is unrealistic. The only doctor really that can heal you is that of an Orthopedic surgeon because they can “fix” a broken bone with hardware. Diabetes, heart disease, cancer… Those are not healed… And even if doctors are able to put you in to remission with cancer, it isn’t always “cured” forever. When you go to the doctor with a headache and they prescribe you aspirin, you aren’t “aspirin deficient..” is is used to decrease inflammation. There are a million causes of headaches.. but we tend to treat the most common….
The example of tylenol or aspirin doesn’t fit with the rest of it. Over the counter drugs relive a condition most of the time, they do not heal things, and unless you are lucky enough to take them just before you’d have the problem they won’t prevent it. A headache is a temporary problem that can be caused by a lot of things. Those medicines treat the symptom, the pain, but not the cause. Now a prescription for something like penicillin treats the cause and sometimes relieves the symptoms. Penicillin is an anti-botic, it kills bacteria causing your pain, for instance an ear infection. Painkillers like tylenol would only lessen the pain, but penicillin can kill what’s causing it and thereby “cure” it.
It depends on what you have, obviously advil only blocks the pain receptors in our brains temporarily, but if I had an illness that required antibiotics you have to take the entire course to see it off. Healing doesn’t mean that you can’t get it again.
Infections, which are illnesses, are often healed (e.g., strep throat, skin infections, pneumonia). Chronic conditions (e.g., coronary artery disease, diabetes, recurrent migraine headaches, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, AIDS) are managed, so as to minimize symptoms and complications. Symptoms (e.g., headache, sore throat, pain in a limb, chest pain) are often relieved, but sometimes temporarily; they might recur if one has a recurrence of an illness or a chronic condition.
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