Why do some men have a low sex drive??

Q:Why do some men have a low sex drive??
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dang, i want to have sex al day. and u teling me this?? different personalities I guess..
can be sometimes caused by a low testosterone level. a simple blood test can check and if it is low, they can get monthly injections of testosterone.
Some of the medications they take can cause it.Pain pills, blood pressure, to name a couple.
hmmm maybe they are just not interested in that particular partner
Infective adrenal gland effect.
Many reasons. Low testosterone. High stress. Depression. Diabetes. Tons of different medications. Obesity. Hypertension. Elevated estrogen. Hormones normally play a big part. Thyroid imbalance. There are many, many different health issues that can cause a low libido. I would recommend some lab work. If available, a saliva test (as opposed to blood) will give the best results. Excluding health issues, sexual boredom is the most common problem. The same position, the same night of the week, at the same time, in the same bed, etc. gets old. Everyone needs a change-up pitch ever now and again. Discover a fantasy. Grab a Penthouse Letters magazine and have him read through it. Then asked what he thought was interesting. Watch a dirty movie. Saying, “I bet we could do that!” may stir up the desire you are looking for. Good Luck!
Bcoz they dont have much energy to do it so its low
They have nothing to eat.
Who really knows? One’s sex drive is what one’s sex drive is. Everyone is different. Drinking to excess, smoking, and overeating, however, may affect a man’s sex drive for the moment.Chow!
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