why does this happend?

Q:sometimes i’ll be in the gretest mood and all of a sudden i get cranky or irritable for no reason(i think),and no it’s not because i don’t get sex,i have 2 girlfriends.I get that whenever i want.
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Your probably stressed out about something. Figure out what it is and work on it. It’s not bipolar disorder, bipolar disorder is not just, mood swings. Its severe deppression with episodes of mania.
Maybe u have bi polar or something. Bi polar u can be in the greatest moods and then all of a sudden turn really depressed or cranku. Talk to your doctor about. You may be bipolar.
You have mood swings.Lots of people do. They can be caused by chemical imbalances, stress, fear, excitement or simply hormones. Get in touch with your TRUE feelings. Its not likely for NO reason but you could be just tired, or your system is out of balance.. Mostly don’t get worried about it.That makes things worse.Did you ever notice smiling takes a lot of energy?I get a sore face from smiling and headaches from being happy.My emotions never match the situation. I cry at happy events and laugh at sad ones,embarassing!. When you get cranky , you should take a time out and just let yourself unwind from being happy. No one is happy all the time anyway. That would be exhausting. You have PMS.
What you need to get is some education. What you are getting now, you won’t want later. Also learn how to spell.This can be That. When you are hot you are hot. When you are not you are not!
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