Why was AIDS so prominent among the Gay community in the beginning if..?

Q:it was transmitted from an ape to a human by a bite? Was America the first place AIDS was known to exsist?
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Probably because men didn’t worry about other men getting pregnant so they didn’t use protection all the time and they didn’t have anything scary before AIDS to worry about much.and anal sex always causes small tears in the butt which makes blood which makes transmission easier. Back in the ’20s or ’30s they found HIV in primarily gay people and at first HIV stood for Homosexual Immunity Virus. The reason that this probably happened is becuase anal sex is very “violent” for lack of a better word. There is a good chance of bleeding when you have anal sex and thats where it first started. (probably)However they soon saw the virus come up in straight people, both men and women. buy just to clear the rumors, gay people did not give AIDS to America. Monkeys in Africa did.
1.HIV/AIDS looks to be prominent among the gay community probably becoz this virus and the disease was first discovered in gays and was thought to infect only the gays,thus it was termed as a gay related disease but it is well know now that even hetrosexuals can get it if u sleep around with people without any protection.2.How we humans got it remains a mystery but scientists now belive that we got it from their bite or when man consumed bush meat.3.No America was not the first place,it just that this disease was first discoved in America in 1980’s.It was know to have existed in Africa even earlier in the 1950’s. During the early 1980s, it was casually referred to as Gay Related Immune Disease (GRID). However, HIV is by NO means a “gay” disease and anyone is susceptible. And in 1986, both the French and the US were in favour of the new term human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). This is due to its being discovered as also being present in exposed heterosexuals.
I watched a documentary on AIDS recently and they confirmedwhat many believed to be the start of aids in Africa. Many Africanpeople hunt the monkeys for food . The monkeys have had the virus in their systems for ages. This bug kept mutating and finallywas found in humans that had eaten monkey that had this mutated viral bug. I also watched the movie And the Band PLayedon where it told of the spread of aids here in America and elsewhere. There was a very sexy male stewardess who had contacted the aids through sex with a male African who had it. This very handsome and sexually active man passed it through sex with numerous partners in the USA and from there it just keptsnowballing to huge clusters of men, and later to hemophiliacs and on and on to now everyone is at a risk. This is heartbreaking. The first person identified as having the disease was a gay flight attendant for Air Canada. He is called “Patient Zero” by the Centers for Disease Control. He had *lots* of sex partners, and he traveled to a lot of areas, spreading the disease unknowingly. (Of coruse it was unknowing–nobody even knew there was such a disease at the time.) And because he was gay, it spread in the gay community. If it was an ape disease first, and made the leap somehow to people, there was almost certainly some other people who got the disease first and gave it to “Patient Zero,” (He is known to have traveled to Africa, and presumably that is where he got infected.) But we don’t know who those people were, and he brought it to California, where it was first identified.
I believe it didn’t come from a ape bite, but by a vaccine they were attempting to develop for an unrelated disease. I don’t know what you guys are on about that anal sex spreads this disease more than vaginal. Just take a look at AIDS in Africa right now – it is in epidemic proportions that dwarfs the epidemic in the Western World. The reason it hit the gay community first is because gay men tend to have more sexual partners, and have unprotected sex (as pregnancy isn’t a concern.) Yes it is spread through the sharing of fluids – blood primarily – and women have contracted the disease through bi-sexual men, and many others through the tainted blood transfusions that happened in the early years. From the film “The Band Played On” with Matthew Modine – about the early stages of the illness spreading – it is suggested that people who travelled to that region of the world – a gay man in particular who contracted it – was having sex with many many people anonymously (sex addict type) and the illness spread very fast through the community. This factor and unprotected sex is the main reason – not anal sex. If women were in the habit of sleeping around more, and having unprotected sex, the epidemic could have very well spread like it has now in Africa. People do your homework. And anal sex is NOT a violent act if you know anything about it. Many straight women AND straight men even like it – there aren’t sex toys out there for that act JUST because. It is an a great place for sexual pleasure – and for some people – they love it, and others – it’s not their cup of tea. Just like the fact that I know MANY gay men who do not like anal sex (doing it, or having it done.) So please don’t stereotype. How do I know all of this? I worked for an AIDS organization for years. I’ve done my research and have hands on experience with the epidemic in the western world.
It was orignally from Africa. because anal sex causes more chances for blood transference, and gay men tended to not use condoms.
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