Why would anyone want to be anorexic? It’s very unattractive and very dangerous. Whatever happen to loving…

Q:…and accepting your curves?
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It is a disease. These kids cannot see what their bodies really look like and no matter how much weight they lose, they see themselves as fat. The more they starve, the worse the illness gets.
Here is how it gosGirl looks in mirror,Girl sees no muscle toneGirl decides she needs it, but is too fatGirl eats lessGirl works outGirl still has no muscle tone, after 5 pounds are lostTwo monthes go byGirl lost 30 pounds and has no muscle tone, becasue her body is eating itself becasue she isn;t eatingAll she wants is muscle tone, but doesn’t get itBP
Do you think anyone would WANT to be anorexic?it is an illness which develops from an obsession with one’s body but an illness nevertheless, often deadly.
Bones isn’t sexy. Meat is. Curves are beautiful.
Well I do agree that advertising has alot to do with it. They advertise models that way 96 pounds and young girls think they have to be that way way to be accepted.It is a form form of mental illness.You’re right it is dangerous but a lot of these young women don’t see that. They see only 1 thing and that is that they need to be thinnner.Something in you mind changes so you can’t reason right.. The advertising and magazine businesses are giving people distorted body images. Look at all of the diet questions on here!!
Nobody wants to be anorexic. It’s a disease. Have you known anyone who decided they want to and find a way to have cancer? Plus, take a look at the magazine covers: that might answer some questions.
I agree. Plus overweight is 10 times more dangerous. I don’t understand why the media gives this one issue so much air time.
nobody WANTS to be anorexic; it’s not a choice. that’s like deciding you’ll get the flu tomorrow. you just can’t. eating disorders are the result of serious trauma, whether personal or not. you don’t have to understand them, they just ARE.
Annorexia is a very complex psychological condition often not even connected with food/eating. Try not to think of it as bodily appearance, think of it more as a psychological condition originating elsewhere in the person’s history – clients often have a complicated history of disempowerment issues and negative enforcement of bodily esteem. Yes, obviously there are other contributary factors like advertising, peer pressure etc. But generally, it’s a disempowerment issue where the client has the last word. You will often find that there has been negative patterns of eating connected to other family members also… think of your own upbringing and how those meals were; did you all sit together? did you relax/talk/have a catch-up?? Were there times you were told that you weren’t getting anything else until you cleared your platefinished your peasate your vegetablesattempted to eat that food that you really hated??Well, that’s that kind of thing that programmes negativity and anxiety into food/eating/looking after oneself.It’s a complex arena and involves looking at it differently to the way it’s been viewed in the past.
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