10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Military Members

If you have someone who is serving in the armed forces and wondering what to get them, or even if you want to send a care package over to a soldier this Christmas, you might wonder just what type of gift to give. A lot of it depends upon whether or not they are deployed or are stateside. Those who are looking for gifts for those in the armed forces can come up with an ideal gift package that will not cost them a lot of money and can be purchased right at CVS or Walgreens. Here are some suggestions:

1. Disposable Cameras. Those who are on active duty would like to take pictures of some of the sights that they see, although digital cameras can get lost or damaged. You can send them some disposable cameras that they can use and then send home to get developed. These make a great gift.

2. Playing cards. Those in the armed forces have down time when they want to entertain themselves. Playing cards are always a hit as are games such as Uno which are easy enough to send in any sort of small box. This can brighten the day of the man or woman serving in the military.

3. Magazines. Keep them in touch with what is going on in the world because they might not be getting all of the news from home. Be a bit eclectic in your selection and give them a bit of everything ranging from tabloids to Time magazine. This keeps them up to date and provides entertainment.

4. Hard candies. Many climates are too hot for chocolate bars, but hard candies hold up just fine. Walgreens has boxes of candies such as Good and Plenty, Hot Tamales and more. Just stay away from the chocolate. These boxes of candy are a nice little gift from home and will perk up the soldier on your list.

5. Personal grooming items. No aerosol but you can send disposable razors as well as gel shaving cream for those in the service. Toothbrushes and toothpaste are also something that they often need, although do not send any mouthwash containing alcohol.

6. Word puzzles. Word puzzle books are ideal. As are find a word and logic puzzle games. Or get some crossword puzzle books – these can all give our service personnel something to do and a way to enjoy themselves a bit when so far from home.

7. Letters from home. Have everyone write a letter to the person in the service and put it in with the gift box that you send. Chances are that they will cherish the letters that everyone writes to them and enjoy the fact that they are remembered during the holidays.

8. Photos of the family. Be sure to send some photos. Sure, they can get access to the internet at times, but nothing beats real photos that they can keep close to their heart.

9. Granola Bars and other snacks. Again, remember that chocolate melts but hearty granola bars without chocolate will be a most welcome treat.

10. Journal. Those who are away from home often like to record their thoughts in a journal. This is one gift that is easy to find and can be something that someone in the service may want to bring back home with them to share what they wrote when they were away with those that they love once they have been reunited.

In addition, those who have cell phones that are no longer being used can donate them to various groups that collect items such as this for soldiers. Whether you want to give a gift to someone you know who is serving in the military or if you just want to send a soldier who is far away from home something to brighten them up this holiday season, you can do so with these 10 Christmas gift ideas for military members. The deadline to send gifts is December 10.

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