10 Items You Can’t Have Enough of with a Newborn

There are so many baby products out there it can make your head spin. With my first child, I quickly learned what products were pointless and which ones were essential. Now, with my second newborn, I’m fully prepared with an arsenal of supplies. Here are ten items that I can’t have enough of for a newborn.

10. Mittens

While I like to have my newborn be able to grasp my fingers, there are also times when he grabs at his own face. When he’s crying or in his car seat, I try to keep his hands covered with mittens. These can fall off so it’s good to have several pairs.

9. Laundry Detergent

Since having my baby, I must do an additional two loads of laundry. In addition to layette, you may find yourself going through more of your own clothing. With four people in the house, I’m doing about three to four loads a day. Thus, I always have a good amount of baby detergent on hand.

8. Nursing Pads and Tanks

If you are nursing, it’s likely you’ll need nursing pads. It prevents embarrassing wetness on your shirt and keeps you comfortable at night. The washable ones are great. Likewise, try to purchase three good nursing bras or tank tops. They are supportive and make breast feeding easier.

7. Toiletries

This includes diaper rash cream, nursing balm and baby wash. Most babies will have diaper rash. Nursing balms soothes some discomforts of breast feeding. Finally, a gentle baby wash is essential for bathing your newborn.

6. Breast Milk Storage Bottles

You may be exclusively breastfeeding. However, some people have to pump to keep up their milk production. I think it’s good to have some frozen breast milk for emergencies. If you are going back to work, storage bottles or bags are helpful to make sure your baby has enough milk. Of course, it’s also nice to have on hand if you want to get out of the house and have someone else watch your newborn for a bit.

5. Wipes

I was lucky enough to have someone buy me an economy sized box of wipes. So far, it has lasted me a month and will probably last me another few weeks.

4. Layette

Babies spit up. Their diapers may leak. Often times, I go through at least five bodysuits a day. It’s important to have enough clothing to last at least one day. Still, I end up washing a load of newborn clothing every one to two days. Layette consists of sleepers, bodysuits, pants, shirts, hats and socks. Personally, I like clothing that doesn’t have to be pulled over the baby’s head. Footed pants and sleepers are great because you don’t have to worry about socks falling off. In general, I try to have at least five of everything.

3. Blankets

It’s good to have at least ten blankets in a variety of sizes and materials. I like to put a soft blanket over my nursing pillow so it stays clean. Then, I have swaddling blankets to help keep my baby warm and secure while sleeping. Smaller blankets are good for makeshift burp clothes. I like a few thick blankets to keep my newborn warm in his stroller.

2. Burp Cloths and Washcloths

These are great for bathing and cleaning up messes. I always like to have one around to wipe off my newborn’s mouth. They are good for diaper changes and essential for catching spit up.

1. Diapers

This is a given. Whether you choose disposable or cloth, you never want to run out of diapers. Generally, you want to figure out how many diapers you can going through every day. Then, make sure to replenish your supply several days before you run out. Of course, since newborns grow quickly, you don’t want to have too many diapers in one size.

As newborns change and grow, this list may change. However, these have been my essentials for the first couple of months with a new baby.

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