10 Jason Aldean Quotes and Fun Facts

Here are ten fun facts and interesting quotes from country sensation Jason Aldean:

Jason Aldean’s real name is Jason Aldine Williams.

Before Jason Aldean became a country star, he actually wanted to be a baseball player. In an interview on AboutCountry, he said got a full scholarship to play baseball in college but chose not to go that route because he was tired of school.

Quote on his album “Wide Open”: “I think that this is probably the album that best represents what I do.”

Fun fact: Jason Aldean’s favorite song that he’s recorded is “Good To Go” because it describes his life.

Quote on his fans: “I consider myself a pretty average guy, so hopefully they understand me and know where I am coming from. I kinda feel like I am a voice for them, or something like that.”

Fun fact: The singer hates to talk on the phone.

“I don’t think I really have any wisdom. Stay out of trouble. Good luck. Stay away from women because they will burn you, haha.” When asked by Shave magazine if he had any advice for men to live by.

Quote on Rascal Flatts: “I really loved the way their show was. … It was entertainment. I took a lot of that and kind of stored it away and went, “OK, when I get to that point, I’d like to use some of that stuff.”

Fun fact: Jason Aldean said the most nervous he’s been during a performance was when he was performing live on American Idol with Kelly Clarkson.

One of his most exciting moments of his music career is the first time he played at the Grand Ole Opry.

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