10 Tips for Hiring the Perfect Roofing Contractor

Getting the most bang for your buck especially means a lot in these fiscal times. But when a new roof is required, it’s a must have to prevent further damage to the home. That’s why it’s best to call in the professionals. With so many roofing contractors available for hire, it’s easy to see why choosing the best of the best can be tough. Use these ten tips and you’ll be sure to get the perfect roofing contractor.

1. Licensing- The first and foremost thing you need to know about your potential contractor is do they have the required licensing. Call your local building department for details.

2. Insurance- Without the proper insurance, if someone gets hurt or materials are damaged, you’re the one who will pay the expenses. Always ask for insurance documentation.

3. Permits- In some areas permits and/or bonds may be required to start the project. Always call your local building department for details on what your roofer needs to start the project.

4. Warranties- Some roofing contractors provide different warranties on their products. Make certain you have any warranties or guarantees in writing when you are given an estimate.

5. References- Finding the best roofing contractor can be tough. To sort out the best of the best, you’ll need to actually talk to past customers to get a good understanding of how they do business. Get at least 3-5 references from each roofing contractor before you accept any bids.

6. Credentials- While it doesn’t necessarily mean they will be the best, credentials in a local roofing guild shows that the roofer has ties to the local building community and has as respect for fellow tradesmen.

7. Cost Breakdown List- Always ask for a cost breakdown list of materials and labor when receiving multiple bids. This will better allow you to get the big picture and help you compare apples to oranges.

8. Multiple Bids- To make sure you’re going to get the best price possible, get multiple bids from several different roofing contractors. If you don’t get at least five different bids, you’re not doing your job.

9. Attention to Detail- When your potential roofing contractor shows attention to details like dressing nice, presenting bids on professional stationary and promptly returning bids ensures you’re getting the best of the best.

10. Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions- Asking your roofing contractor the tough questions only helps to ensure that you’re going to get a knowledgeable and reputable roofing contractor that provides you with the answers you need.

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