13 Emmy Nominations for HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’: Why the Show Deserves These Awards

The 63rd Annual Emmys are just around the corner, and for “Game of Thrones” fans, it’s time to raise a mug of mead and feast on meat to celebrate the 13 Emmy nominations the show received. Can this fantasy story sweep the Emmys and prove that knights, dragons, and castles can hold their own amongst more realistic plots like “Mad Men” and “Friday Night Lights”? Here is a list of each nomination and why the show has a fighting chance at the golden award.

Best Drama Series: ‘Game of Thrones’

An honor for the show’s first season, Thrones will be up against some tough competition. Emmy favored “Mad Men” and “Friday Night Lights,” maybe being its biggest contenders.

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister

If the show only walks away with one Emmy, this is the fan favorite. Dinklage’s sound performance of Tyrion Lannister leaves nothing to want.

Writing in a Drama Series: David Benioff and Dan Weiss for “Baelor”

This episode of the show is when everything changes in the story. It’s the shocking moment of tragedy and disbelief. While the moment was flawlessly written in the books, the writers had the tough job of writing it for the eyes to see. The cliffhanger but knowing ending was haunting and spectacular.

Directing for a Drama Series: Timothy van Patten for “Winter is Coming”

“Winter is Coming” is the pilot episode and there was just so much that Patten had to get right in order to sell the series. He pulled together the massive cast, crew, scenery, costumes, and plot into one concise and perfect package that left viewers wanting more.

Casting in a Drama Series: Nina Gold and Robert Sterne

When book is put onto screen, it’s known that the actors must absolutely be perfect in their role for fans to accept the portrayal. With one of the largest casts on television, Gold and Sterne had their work cut out for them. The cast is stunning and no two people are more deserving of this award.

Costumes for a Drama Series: Michelle Clapton and Rachael Webb-Crozier for “The Pointy End”

The costumes for the series are period and they have to look like medieval era garb while at the same time being practical and unique to the climate where they are worn. In this episode, many different costumes come together to tell a story all their own.

Hairstyling in a Single-Camera Series: Kevin Alexander and Candice Banks for “A Golden Crown”

Throughout the series, the hairstylist had to transform culture into hairstyles. The team did a remarkable job, but it was in this episode where they had to work with the prosthetic group to create a golden crown that is so noteworthy.

Main Title Design: Angus Wall, Robert Feng, Kirk H. Shintani, and Hameed Shaukat

Actor’s names are introduced as the visually stunning clockwork map of Westeros cranks and changes. In the background is one of the most beautiful, foreboding, and romantic melodies most have ever heard. So unique is this title design that it would be a huge upset if “Game of Thrones” doesn’t take this award home.

Non-prosthetic Makeup in a Single-Camera Series: Paul Engelen and Melissa Lackersteen for “Winter is Coming”

As the first episode mainly takes place in the harsh winter climate of the North, the makeup team had to paint the characters in such a way that enhances features without making it look too painted. The less is more technique is especially difficult in makeup, but the team pulled it off.

Prosthetic Makeup in a Series: Paul Engelen and Conor O’Sullivan for “A Golden Crown”

In this episode, a character finally gets the golden crown he so desperately sought. Wishes aren’t always what they seem, and the prosthetic makeup team had their hands full as they created the dragon king’s golden crown.

Sound Editing for a Series: Stefan Hendrix, Tim Hands, Michelle McCormack, Steve Fanagan, Andy Kennedy, Jon Stevenson, Robin Whittaker, Caoimhe Doyle, and Eoghan McDonnell

The man herding cows through a gate, the drunks at the table in the inn, the woman waving out the window, etc, in any given scene there is so much background events and sounds going on. The task to pull all the sounds of the sights together and give the overall mood of the scenes was nailed, the results, riveting.

Special Visual effects for a Series: Adam McInnes, Angela Barson, Lucy Ainsworth-Taylor, Raf Morant, Henry Badgett, Damien Mace, Stuart Brisdon, and Graham Hills

The team that painted words on a page into real life, their attention to detail and devotion is what pulled the audience into the show and made them feel like they were there experiencing it along with the characters. However, it was the three surprising effects at the series end that were done so lifelike that made this award so deserving.

Stunt Coordination: Paul Jennings

Set in an era of grueling physical violence, the show has many areas for stunt coordination. From jousting to an all out battle, Jennings wove the characters into a beautiful and horrific dance.

With so many nominations and so much hype for the show, the chances of “Game of Thrones” bringing home at least one Emmy are high. Fans of the books series and television series alike will be glued to the television to watch the glorious victories and hopefully no disappointing upsets. Fandom will raise their horns of ale in cheers as “Game of Thrones” lives up to its name and takes the throne of the Emmys.

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