15 Cutest Baby Halloween Costumes for 2011

Dressing up your baby or toddler for those first Halloween’s is such precious fun. Enjoy them too because these will be the only years that you’ll likely be making the Halloween costume choice alone. Remember that no matter how cute a Halloween costume is it should be safe and comfortable for your little one. Make sure those camera batteries are charged and that you have room on your digital photo card because these 2011 Halloween costumes for babies and toddlers are just too cute.

All of these costumes were found in the Wishcraft by Chasing Fireflies catalogue but some are available from a variety of Halloween costume sources.

My favorite baby costumes from 2010 are still around and still adorable. Last year’s list found here included these ten favorites.

Baby Bat Halloween costumes Ghost Bunting Baby Halloween costumes Personalized Pumpkin Tutu set Li’l Crabby Baby Halloween costumes Lobster baby Halloween costumes Baby Peacock Halloween costumes Baby astronaut Halloween costumes Baby Butterfly Halloween costumes Baby Turkey Halloween costumes Baby Sunshine Halloween costumes

So what’s new and what caught my eye for 2011?

Baby Devil Halloween costumes

Your baby girl can be an angel is disguise in this adorable Baby Devil costumes complete with a black onesie, red tutu with a devil’s tail and cute headband with horns.

This is available in 3 to 18 months.

It gets even better, you can personalize the onesie with up to ten characters and if that’s not enough they have mini Mary Jane shoes to finish off your little devil’s outfit. Personally, for $44.00 I would find the shoes elsewhere but the costume is worth the splurge.

I love that this Halloween costume is made in the U.S.A.

Baby Firefighter Halloween costumes

While the little devil with the tutu is certainly all girl, the baby firefighter could be for boys or girls. Here in Virginia we love our firefighters and this one Halloween costume is worthy tribute. It looks like the real deal in black with neon yellow but it’s really a soft romper. This is available in 6 to 12 months.

Baby Yoda Halloween costumes

It’s like a soft fleece robe and hat with soft fleece boots but it turn your little sweetheart into a 900-year-old Jedi master in minutes. It’s available from infants to 4T.

My dogs wouldn’t have it but if yours would and you’re interested they also have a matching Yoda costume for dogs too. This costume is out of this world for sure, but thankfully it’s made in the U.S.A.

Baby Banana Halloween costumes

Babies are so wholesome and sweet that I just love the fruity costumes like the Baby Strawberry but this year is the first time the Baby Banana costume caught my eye. Have you had your banana today? It may well be one of your baby’s first foods and everyone will go bananas for this “cutie fruitie” baby Halloween costume.

It’s like a bunting with armholes and a hood so baby will be comfortable and warm until you peel him out. It’s only available for infants to 6 months.

Baby Snowman Halloween costumes

Last year I think the baby peacock was my favorite but my favorite baby costume for 2011 will have to be the new snowman costume. With the big pom pom buttons and cute little hat and scarf all connected to a one-piece fluffy, fluffy soft outfit, your baby will be plenty warm and too cool at the same time. It’s available for infants through 2T.

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