2 Days Before

I remember where I was on 9/11 I was still in high school in my 2nd hour computer class when the person setting next to me was late and said “Did you hear about the planes hitting the Pentagon?” I looked at her and said ” No, don’t know anything about it.” At the end of the class my teacher said we could go into the classroom next door and watch and see what was happening. The next thing was shock, I just thought the plane hit the Pentagon by accident and then I seen the Two Towers in flames and just a short while after collapsing to the ground. I remember the anger I felt for the potential idiots who had just attacked our country not to mention the sorrow for those who were experiencing this horrific event. I didn’t even know who Osama Bin Laden was. But I knew now, and I felt as everyone else did, ready to pack up, join the armed services, and fight for the country.

But now in reference to the title 2 Days Before, my cousin played baseball at the time for the Staten Island Yankees and was in a baseball game earlier the week before. If they had won the game he would have still been there in New York. But they had actually lost the game so he was scheduled to come home on the 9/9/11 which was a Sunday. He arrived home fine, but I always look back and wonder what would have happened if the team won the game and he had to witness that especially since they were taking the bodies to be identified at the Staten Island Ball Park, or what if the terrorists had attacked two days earlier and hijacked the plane that would of happened to have been on. To me that is no coincidence I believe they lost that game for a reason, that God knew what was going to happen and was kind enough to send him back home to his family despite a loss which cost them going to the Minor League Title games.

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