20 Kids, How Fair is That?

I have watched the Duggers a few times, a while back. They were building their home and I was impressed with the way the children respected their parents. As I watched, I became aware of how much Michelle Duggar does not do. I think as long as you can take care of your children, have all you want. The problem is the oldest are taking care of the youngest. How fair is that? They had a buddy system, each child had a buddy and the oldest would be a buddy to a younger child. Why are people applauding these people?

The older girls are like mothers to the younger children. They watch them, feed them, bathe them, everything their mother should be doing. These girls have very little time to themselves. I realize their religious beliefs are strict, but I do not believe the Bible says to use your children to raise your other children. When I was watching, Michelle was pregnant, shock shock. It was like she was a china doll.
She did not cook, tuck the kids in, I think she did home school them, but the rest was left up to her daughters.

These girls are probably never going to want kids. They have spent their lives raising kids. They have not been able to enjoy things that other teens would. I am speaking within their Pentacostal beliefs. The girls are not treated like daughters, they are treated like nannies. The boys are not treated much better. They have to watch the younger boys.

Believe me, I am not against kids helping parents, we need more kids to be taught respect and work ethics. These kids are taught that they are the keepers of the younger ones. It was really almost painful to watch. You could actually see it in their eyes, it is a job that they do not enjoy. They would never admit it, because it is what they are used to.

Michelle should not be so proud of herself. Its easy to have all those children, you play with them when they are newborns, then hand them over to your daughters to raise. Michelle, if you are going to have kids, take responsibility for them. Your not a fairy princess, your not fragile. You have decided to have these kids, so you take care of them. My bet is, that if you did not have your daughters to raise those kids for you, you would not have 19.

Why is a network paying them big bucks and acting like its such a great show. Time for people to wake up and see what is going on. Miss Michelle needs to come down off the pedestal her and her husband have put her on, and see what they are doing. It is maddening to watch Michelle stand there like a queen overseeing her kingdom. Sadly its her kids she is using as slaves.

I applaud their commitment to their religion, but its time to take responsibility for your actions.

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