2011 Big Brother 13 Eviction 9/1/11 Spoilers, New HOH Results & Live Updates

Porsche was the HOH this week in the Big Brother 13 house and she nominated Jordan and Rachel for eviction. Read below to see who went home on Thursday, September 1, 2011. Tonight’s HOH competition just ended and the results are in. The next Big Brother 13 episode will air this Sunday September 4, 2011 on CBS.

Warning, this article is not just a recap of the show. It contains spoilers and will be updated often throughout the week. Spoilers are what is going on in the Big Brother 13 house as it happens which is way before the shows air on CBS. If you don’t want to know who wins HOH tonight and who won the POV ahead of time then don’t scroll down.

This week Porsche opened Pandora’s box and won $5,000 for her and an additional $5,000 for Kalia. Since she decided to take the prize the houseguests were once again playing in teams like they did in the beginning of the season. That means if either Rachel or Jordan wins the POV then they are both safe. Rachel won and Porsche had to put up a different duo for eviction. The only remaining pair was Shelly and Adam. Shelly Moore was evicted from the Big Brother house tonight by a vote of 2-1. Jordan and Rachel voted to evict Shelly and Kalia voted to evict Adam.

The HOH competition has Jordan, Rachel, Adam and Kalia crawling through a sticky substance collecting doughnuts. The person with the most doughnuts after 13 minutes wins HOH.

Rachel wins HOH again for the week of 9/1/2011!

Rachel nominated Porsche and Kalia for eviction

This week there was another Pandora’s box. Rachel opened it and got stuck in a box with Jessie. The rest of the houseguests were rewarded new clothing and Tori Spelling from 90210 visited the house (Adam is a huge fan of Tori)

Adam won the POV competition. Kalia and Porsche are trying to get him to use it to get Jordan out.

Update: Adam did not use the power of veto so either Porsche or Kalia will definitely be evicted this week.

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