We started updating out 2011 fantasy football position rankings the other day by checking in with the QB’s. Today we take another look at the running backs and where they currently stack up.

1. Arian Foster
2. Adrian Peterson
3. Ray Rice
4. Jamaal Charles
5. Maurice Jones-Drew
6. Chris Johnson
7. LeSean McCoy
8. Rashard Mendenhall
9. Michael Turner
10. Darren McFadden
11. Frank Gore
12. Steven Jackson
13. Matt Forte
14. Peyton Hillis
15. Ahmad Bradshaw
16. Knowshon Moreno
17. Jahvid Best
18. Ryan Grant
19. DeAngelo Williams
20. LeGarrette Blount
21. Ryan Matthews
22. Felix Jones
23. Beanie Wells
24. Joseph Addai
25. Mike Tolbert
26. Ben-Jarvis Green-Ellis
27. Shonn Greene
28. Mark Ingram
29. Reggie Bush
30. Jonathan Stewart
31. Tim Hightower
32. Daniel Thomas
33. Fred Jackson
34. Marshawn Lynch
35. CJ Spiller
36. Cedric Benson
37. James Starks

-Chris Johnson has dropped down again this week to number 6 as he continues with his holdout. The latest reports have the two sides “far apart” in negotiations and Johnson is really dug in on getting what he wants. I think we are already past the point of worrying big time about this and so we could actually be looking at Johnson sitting out the first few games or even more while working things out. Unreal.
-The more I watch Jamaal Charles, the more in love with the guy I get. Honestly if Thomas Jones were in any other uniform, I would not hesitate to put Charles right at the top with Arian Foster. He is that good. No one is a better runner than he is in all of football and if he ever gets goal-line carries, we are looking at the best fantasy football scorer in the game.
-Still love Ray Rice since I have him ranked third but this whole thing about getting the goal-line carries falls into the “I will believe it when I see it” mode. Ricky Williams would be the easy choice to plug in at the goal-line so lets not get carried away yet.
-I am very worried about the Vikings offensive line which could be the worst in the entire NFL and how it will impact Adrian Peterson. Also the lack of good wideouts on the team outside of Percy Harvin will allow opposing defenses to stack the box against Peterson. He will get his numbers like he always does but he shouldn’t be the top pick.
-Jahvid Best and Beanie Wells both saw a rise in the rankings this week due to the season-ending injuries to Mikel Leshoure and Ryan Willliams. Best is a big time PPR guy which Wells is not so know your league rules before getting invested.
-Mark Ingram will be splitting carries 50/50 with Pierre Thomas this season which destroys both of their fantasy football values. I wouldn’t have drafted either player anyway.
-Reggie Bush has looked good running the ball for Miami so far this summer which hurts Daniel Thomas’ value. This has goal-line back written all over it with Thomas.
-I love what Frank Gore can supply a fantasy football team and I drafted him in my money league but the injury issue is always front and center. Be sure you have your third RB sewn up early in your draft.

As always I would like to hear what you think. Who is ranked too high? Who is ranked too low? Post below.


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