2011 NFL Week 13 Point Spreads and Picks; Ndamukong Suh Auditions for ‘Hunger Games’

The week after Thanksgiving is always a bit of a downer. A five day work week stares us in the face, and there’s only one game this Thursday. College Basketball is here to provide some therapy, as well as the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. You do what you can to survive.

Week 12 was not awful for “Point Spread Picks,” we went 7-9 for a season record of 97-79. You may still follow us as we make our certain comeback.

Thursday, December 1, 2011
Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawks +3.5
This one comes down to injuries. Vick is out. Maclin is out. McCoy and Asomugha, questionable. Sidney Rice is out. While this would devastate the 2009 Minnesota Vikings, the impact on tonight’s game for the Seahawks is negligible.
Pick: Seattle +3.5

Sunday, December 4
Tennessee Titans v Buffalo Bills -1.5
As the season winds down one has to wonder what motivates a losing team. The Titans somehow have a winning record and are one game out of the wild card. The Bills best remaining player, Stevie Johnson, is one unwarranted celebration away from suspension.
Pick: Tennessee +1.5

Kansas City Chiefs v Chicago Bears -8.5
Kyle Orton may make his debut for the Chiefs against one of his ex-teams. Orton may be the only man completing passes in this game, even if it is only to Bears corner backs.
Pick: Chicago -8.5

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns +6.5
Ravens just beat the 49ers, 16-6. Can easily win this game 16-0.
Pick: Baltimore -6.5

Atlanta Falcons v Houston Texans +2.5
Houston, with a healthy Arian Foster, should not be home dogs to any team not from Green Bay. Atlanta has been effective against the run, though there numbers come versus teams like Minnesota, Indianapolis and New Orleans.
Pick: Houston +2.5

Oakland Raiders v Miami Dolphins -3.5
Dolphins are hard to figure. Raiders are impossible to appreciate. The only question is: is Reggie Bush 3.5 points better than Sebastian Janikowski? Doubtful.
Pick: Raiders +3.5

Detroit Lions v New Orleans Saints -9.5
The Saints are going to score, Suh, or no. The Lions tend to start slow and try to play catch up. If you get behind at all against the Saints, you can’t catch up if they score a touchdown every time they get the ball.
Pick: New Orleans -9.5

Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers -6.5
Pittsburgh returns home for a divisional game against a Bengal squad in playoff contention. Take a moment to digest that last part. Pittsburgh cannot relax this week like they did in KC.
Pick: Pittsburgh -6.5

Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers -3.5
Tampa blew their game against Tennessee. Cam Newton takes advantage of mistakes, and may secure a win here.
Pick: Carolina +3.5

New York Jets v Washington Redskins +3.5
No idea how Washington won in Seattle, and can’t be bothered to research it. Would rather cling to a universe that makes sense to me, the one in which the Redskins are horrible.
Pick: New York -3.5

Denver Broncos v Minnesota Vikings – pk
Trying not to wander into the ranks of the Tebow haters, but I cannot understand how the Broncos keep winning. This week they face an unmotivated Viking team without their only real threat. And they will win again, darn it.
Pick: Denver – pk

Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals +4.5
Kevin Kolb is expected to start this week for Arizona.
Pick: Dallas -4.5

Green Bay Packers v New York Giants +7.5
Ahmad Bradshaw is out again for New York. May not affect the game significantly, but the gaping hole he has left in my fantasy team makes me even less of a Giants fan.
Pick: Green Bay -7.5

St. Louis Rams v San Francisco 49ers -13.5
St. Louis may not score here. San Francisco should score at least two touchdowns. The spread may be exactly right in this 14-0 game.
Pick: San Francisco -13.5

Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots -21.5
21.5 points? Indy is terrible, sure. New England can win this game by 50, sure. But can you seriously give three touchdowns in a game between two NFL teams? Well, we’re going to.
Pick: New England -21.5

Monday, December 5
San Diego Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars +2.5
If the spread is any indication, the betting public believes the Chargers are capable of winning this game. Clearly, the betting public has not been paying attention to the 2011 Chargers, and shall learn a hard lesson.
Pick: Jacksonville +2.5

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