2011 NFL Week 7 Point Spreads and Picks

As the 6-0 Green Bay Packers distinguish themselves in the NFL, we also witness positive results in “Point Spread Picks.” We also had our best week ever, finishing 9-4; putting the current season total at 52-38 Against the Spread.

If we were of a mind to encourage gambling, we would, well, tell you to throw some money at these:

Sunday, October 23, 2011
Washington Redskins v Carolina Panthers -2.5
The unpredictable object meets the unmotivated force. Carolina, at 1-5, is favored against 3-2 Washington. That tells you all it should. Cam Newton is good, and is starting to get some help on his side of the ball. The Redskins are wholly unreadable, and appear to be getting worse at every position. Until Coach Shanahan settles upon a lineup we recognize, we will be betting on their opponents.
Pick: Carolina -2.5

Seattle Seahawks v Cleveland Browns -2.5
Seattle beat a Giants team in New York that appeared to be getting healthy. As for the Browns, we have seen Wayne Brady take his job more seriously.
Pick: Seattle +2.5

Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions -3.5
The Detroit Lions recently attempted a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles involving Ronnie Brown and Jerome Harrison. The trade fell through when a brain tumor was discovered during Harrison’s physical. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported/tweeted, “Without trade, Jerome Harrison doesn’t get physical. Without physical, doctors don’t find brain tumor. Trade might have saved his life.” This is one of those perspective-lending incidents. Thank the higher power of your choice. Harrison surely is.
Pick: Detroit -3.5 (seems the thing to do)

Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins -2.5
The world that is captivated by Tim Tebow does not appear to be betting on the Broncos. 2.5-point dogs to the 0-5 Dolphins? As there may only be three points scored in this entire game, Tebow will either have to kick a field goal, or disappoint his fantasy owners. In any event, we will not give points via Miami.
Pick: Denver +2.5

San Diego Chargers v New York Jets -1.5
In making this pick I cop openly to being Charger fan. This pick is based upon little more than well-developed, if not well reasoned, disdain for Rex Ryan and everything he puts his swollen, sweaty hands to. You are cautioned against betting on or with emotion. There is little future in it.
Pick: San Diego +1.5

Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1.5
The Bears could win this game by 20. This is the NFL’s annual international game, and no one in London hates Jay Cutler yet, so he should be able to relax. The English crowd is culturally interested in the kicking game, will want to see Devin Hester do his thing, and is going to boo every Buccaneer first down. Tampa may have to punt on 3rd down to keep the hooligans from rioting.
Pick: Chicago -1.5

Pittsburgh Steelers v Arizona Cardinals +3.5
Whether they are truly back, the Steelers are clearly four points better than the Cardinals. When neither team can block or tackle, look to the marquee players. Arizona has Larry Fitzgerald, though he can’t throw to himself. Ben Roethlisberger, Mike Wallace, Rashard Mendenhall, and resurgent Hines Ward and Heath Miller; Pittsburgh will start scoring on Saturday.
Pick: Pittsburgh -3.5

Kansas City Chiefs v Oakland Raiders -3.5
The Raider’s quarterback situation got a little muddled in the last few days. Jason Campbell went down. Carson Palmer moved in. Kyle Boller is wondering what he did wrong. The Raiders could start JaMarcus Russell and beat the Chiefs by four points. Okay, Kansas City won a couple games, but they were against Minnesota and Indianapolis. Palmer may have no impact upon this game at all, and certainly less than Darren McFadden who can beat KC on his own.
Pick: Oakland -3.5

St. Louis Rams v Dallas Cowboys -12.5
The Rams made a trade for Brandon Lloyd. While not sufficient to get a win, Lloyd could help St. Louis cover in a game like this. Except Sam Bradford is hurt. Whether he or A.J. Feely start this game, we don’t like either ones chances of success, or survival.
Pick: Dallas -12.5

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings +8.5
The spectre of Brett Favre that hung over Aaron Rodgers has departed. Something to do with winning the Super Bowl, surely. It would be reasonable for Rodgers to calm down now, and enjoy the rest of his career. A six touchdown outing against the Denver Broncos in Week 4, however, says Rodgers is still fighting demons. Unfortunately for the Vikings, Minnesota still bears the stench of Favre, and for it they may pay dearly.
Pick: Green Bay -8.5

Indianapolis Colts v New Orleans Saints -13.5
Don’t want to dwell on the Colts’ misfortune, but in addition to everything else, they are subject to bad timing. New Orleans just lost a game to Tampa Bay, a team they exceed in every respect. With a taste for blood, and revenge, the Saints return home to welcome winless Indianapolis. If Peyton Manning were clear to play in this one, he probably wouldn’t want to. This will be unpleasant.
Pick: New Orleans -13.5

Monday, Oct. 24, 2011
Baltimore Ravens v Jacksonville Jaguars +7.5
When the NFL schedule is assembled in the spring, it is difficult to know which teams will be good or bad. It should be clear which teams might be awful, however, and the presence of the Dolphins, Broncos, Rams and now Jaguars on Monday Night Football seems, well, avoidable. Jacksonville is using a serviceable defense and Maurice Jones Drew to occasionally stay in games (read cover). Baltimore is more often using superior talent to beat more able teams than this.
Pick: Baltimore -7.5

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Did we mention the 52-38 record?

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