2012 Celebrity Apprentice Cast Revealed

I am not a big reality star fan except for the singing and cooking competitions but I have to admit the Apprentice has been a guilty little pleasure of mine for years now. The fact the Trump uses celebs. now makes it just a tiny bit more pleasurable. The new celebrity cast for the 2012 season has just been revealed and there are a couple of people on there that I just can’t wait to see in action. Here is the list of celebrities in no particular order.

Victoria Gotti – Mobb boss widow once married to famous mobster John Gotti.

Teresa Guidice – One of the stars of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Lisa Lampanelli – Lisa Lampanelli is a very funny female comic who is quite popular on the roasting circuit you will often see her on the celebrity roasting shows. It will be fun to see how Lisa roasts her fellow competitors.

Dayana Mendoza – Former Miss Venezuela and Miss Universe. She also posed nude (but partially covered) for Maxim Magazine. After her reign as Miss Universe was over of course.

Dee Snider – Singer of the famous 80’s band Twisted Sister. Twisted Sister was a Heavy Metal band whose two most famous songs were, “We’re Not Going to Take It” and “I Wanna Rock.”

Paul Teutul Sr. – The founder of Orange County Choppers and star of the reality television show American Choppers. A show about a Paul and his two sons, and employees of the Orange County Choppers garage where they make custom motorcycles. Paul can be quite a hot head so it will be a real blast to see him having to work with other celebrities when he is not the boss.

Adam Corolla – Adam Corolla is best known for co-hosting The Man Show with Jimmy Kimmel he is also a radio host. Corolla is also an outspoken individual and can really add some more fireworks to this years show.

Cheryl Tiegs – Former supermodel. Chery Tiegs was actually among the first of the Super Models. She could be too nice for this cast however.

Debbie Gibson – Debbie was a teen singing sensation back in the early 90’s. She has also sung on Broadway, this could also be another one who is too nice to go up against this wild cast.

George Takei – George Takei played Sulu on the original Star Trek series. George Takei came out as a gay man a few years back and now likes to take every opportunity to prove it. He is actually quite funny now and has even taken part in roasting fellow celebrities.

Arsenio Hall -Arsenio Hall once had a successful talk show and has appeared in some notable films.

Aubrey O’Day – O’Day was a singer with the girl group Danity Kane and has also modeled for Playboy and Blender and was in the Broadway musical Hair.

Penn Jillette – Penn Jillette is a magician and comedian and part of the duo Penn and Teller. Penn is the one who does all the talking. I have seen him on reality shows before and he does not play well others. Boy are there going to be some fireworks with this cast.

Tia Carrere – Actress and singer who once appeared on Dancing with the stars and has been in movies such as Wayne’s World, and True Lies. Let’s see if she can bring out that evil True Lies character she played against the feisty cast of this year’s apprentice.

Patricia Velasquez – Model and actress considered by many to be the first Latin Supermodel. They seem to be throwing a few hot women in to the mix of the hot heads this year.

Lou Ferrigno – Former competitive body builder and star of the original television series the Hulk. Could this cast make Lou turn green and start throwing things?

Clay Aiken – Runner up of Season 2’s American Idol, recording artist, Broadway star. I don’t know if Clay will be able to sing his way out of this one, but I have seen him be feisty before so let’s see if he can hold his own against this fiery cast.

As we all know when it comes to celebrities things can always change when it comes to reality shows so there is no guarantee this will be the final cast but as of now this is the line up.

This year’s Celebrity Apprentice will begin in February and I personally cannot wait.

Source – E-Celebrity news

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