2012 Election: New Campaign Advertising Methods to Infuriate Us

I am not looking forward to the inundation of advertising that will go along with the 2012 Election. We have already seen candidates turning to social media and YouTube to bring more attention to their campaigns. As a former political consultant, I am nervous about how the newer techniques of advertising are going to polarize the country over the election even more.

Past Elections

Past elections have given us a taste of some of the newer methods of advertising can be used for gaining votes. While you might automatically think about social media, there are many other newer forms of advertising that can be tapped over the next year. Many of these may lead to Americans becoming more annoyed by creative politicians.

On Demand

I know that very soon, the political ads will be flooding TV. I am going to try to take a break and order a movie through On Demand only to have to sit through another four or five minutes of political ads. How receptive are you going to be of the candidate that purchased the adverting from your movie service?

Angry Birds

Do you have apps or games on your smartphone or tablet that require you to sit through ads from time to time? Are you looking forward to having to view political ads for the 2012 Election while your game boots up? Chances are good that in an hour of play, you might have to sit through the same ad support President Obama at least six or seven times. How quickly until this gets really old?

Don’t Type It

The ad software that is used by many social media sites are sure to be exploited for the 2012 Election. When you put the name “Mitt Romney” into your status, you had better be sure that there will be ads for him on the screen in a day or two. If he is not your candidate of choice, how are you going to view having his ad up every time you check your friend’s pages?

People already hate political ads and we all complain about them during every election. How are people going to change when there is absolutly no escape from the 2012 Election ads? With the constant exposure, how many of us will be seeing these ads in our dreams? How will we expend this rage?

Many people are angry and ready to voice their opinion in the 2012 Election. The “creative use of ads” is going to be a constant reminder of the election and will follow us everywhere we go. If you thought that you were stressed and worn out after the last election, you have another thing coming.

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