2013 NFL Power Rankings

With the final Pre-Season games now gone teams are getting ready for the opening of the 2013 NFL Season and with that we’re ready to get the 2013 NFL Power Rankings underway. So without further ado, here are the 2013 NFL Power Rankings….

1. San Francisco 49ers – I’m not completely sold on this offenses effectiveness, but when your defense is this good you start the year off at the top of the NFL Power Rankings. This may be the year that this young squad takes the next step.

2. Denver Broncos – Peyton Manning has more weapons than he ever has and the Broncos defense is as good as any in the league. Broncos fans have to feel good about their chances this year.

3. Seattle Seahawks – Marshawn Lynch is still a monster and Russell Wilson looks like the real deal. Pete Carroll has put together a solid football team.

4. Baltimore Ravens – This is a respect placement more than anything. I believe that if you win the Lombardi you deserve to be ranked high, but with all the player losses I don’t expect the Ravens to fly this high for long.

5. Atlanta Falcons – The Falcons have youth and experience all coming together at the right time, but the NFC South may prove to be the strongest division in football this year. One thing you can count on is that Falcons are gonna score a lot, but can they stop others is my big question mark.

6. New Orleans Saints – Sean Payton is back and he comes back with probably the most talented receiving groups in the league. If Rob Ryan can bring some swagger back to this defense…Look Out! Saints and Falcons on opening day may break the scoreboard. Keep an eye on Cameron Jordan as he may make a serious pro bowl push.

7. Green Bay Packers – If you got Aaron Rodgers, you’re gonna be in the playoff hunt every single year! If Eddie Lacy can take pressure off the passing game we may see video game stats from Rodgers.

8. Houston Texans – This team comes back with the talent to win it all, but they are historically underachievers and this may get coach Kubiak in the hot seat if they don’t advance in the playoffs.

9. New England Patriots – Tom Brady is still Tom Brady, but Danny Amendola is no Wes Welker and this team made the Saints offseason of a year ago seem downright Saintly! Can Bill Belichick get this team past Gronk’s injury, Hernandez’s debacle and Tebowmania?

10. Dallas Cowboys – One question and one question only….Can Tony Romo lead his team to the promised land?

11. Pittsburgh Steelers – How good or bad is this team? Does anyone really know? One thing we know is that this team is old!

12. Detroit Lions – This team is talented enough to win big, but are they disciplined enough?

13. New York Giants – This team didn’t exactly look elite during the offseason, but do they ever? They still appear to have enough talent to make a playoff run.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – If Revis is ready to go and the running game can pick up where they left off, this team can all of a sudden appears to be very dangerous.

15. Washington Redskins – Why would you rush RGIII when you have a backup like Cousins? Not sure this team is ready to take the next step, but with the running game and RGIII playing in top form makes you a contender.

16. Indianapolis Colts – Luck’s team believes that they can make another playoff run. Just don’t know how many others believe it.

17. Carolina Panthers – The Panthers will be playing for the life of their coach. Aside from Cam Newton, Steve Smith looks old and running backs are unreliable. Good luck coach.

18. Cincinnati Bengals – This team has a very bright future, but they just don’t have enough to make it deep in the playoffs.

19. Chicago Bears – Starting the year off with your best…uh I mean only receiving weapon is not good. Matt Forte will have to shoulder the load until Brandon Marshal is ready.

20. Philadelphia Eagles – Mike Vick looks great in preseason, but will he finish the season is always the question. Remember when Jim Mora called him a “coach killer”? Hmmm!

21. Arizona Cardinals – Look for the resurgence of both Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald, but this team will depend on the legs of Rashard Mendenhall to get to the playoffs.

22. Minnesota Vikings – Adrian Peterson can’t do it all and Ponder is not the answer. Going to be a long season for Vikings fans.

23. Tennessee Titans – Maybe running Jeff Fisher out of town wasn’t the answer because this team has looked confused ever since.

24. New York Jets – This team should have a reality series. Real Football Players of New York!

25. San Diego Chargers – Remember when this team used to be good and Philip Rivers was a respected signal caller? Long time ago, huh?

26. Miami Dolphins – A lot of people think that this team will be good. I’m not one of them.

27. Kansas City Chiefs – The Andy Reid era has begun and this team will be just fine. Just not this year.

28. St. Louis Rams – This team may turn out to be a surprise, but they have to prove it first. They may end the year right at or above .500.

29. Cleveland Browns – See the St. Louis Comment, but add Trent Richardson. Nuff said!

30. Jacksonville Jaguars – Another great year for MJD wasted on another bad team. Got to feel sorry for the guy.

31. Oakland Raiders – Quick….Name 5 players on this team. Exactly!

32. Buffalo Bills – When you start an undrafted rookie as your QB on opening day you have no expectations.

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