23 Unique Pumpkin Carving Patterns to Print

If you are searching for something unique to carve on your Halloween pumpkin, here are a few ideas:

Clowning Around: This clown doesn’t look like he is clowning around. He looks mean.

Day of the Dead: Carving patterns of Day of the Dead sugar skulls.

Guns: Free template of two guns crossed.

Peacock: NBC peacock. Free unique carving pattern!

Galaxy of Stars: Stars and moon shapes. Download the free PDF file.

Mister Buck: A silly Jack-O-Lantern face with buck teeth.

Dolphin: Easy to carve stencil of a dolphin.

Black Widow: A creepy black widow spider carving pattern.

Italy: Stencil of the country Italy.

Ghostly Trio: Halloween carving pattern of three ghosts floating in the air.

Suicide King: A King of Hearts figure with a sword through its head.

Celtic Heart: A heart drawn in a Celtic style.

Grave Digger: A man digging a grave with a cross above its head and a slivered moon.

Head Case: Person with their lips and eyes possibly sewn together.

Janis Joplin: Pumpkin stencil of singer Janis Joplin.

Harley Davidson Logo: Logo for Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Mr. Hyde: A mad Mr. Hyde and a test tube.

Mr. Smiley: A unique Halloween Jack-O-Lantern face with a pointy grin.

Jim Morrison: Stencil of the singer Jim Morrison.

Old Crone: A witch face with warts.

Mr. Teeth: A Halloween Jack-O-Lantern face showing off a bunch of teeth.

Old Groaner: A weathered man with one tooth and warts.

Pocket Kings: A unique jack-o-lantern pattern of hand holding two King playing cards.

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