3 Don’ts of Asking for the First Date

Asking someone out on a date can be one of the most stressful things in anyone’s life no matter the age. From teens to adult, trying not to be a creep or creepy when asking someone out on a date is a nightmare.

All the don’ts for asking for the first date can be used for any set of couples. For example, guy asks girl out, girl asks guy out, girl asks girl out, and guy asks guy out. The dating scene has change tremendously over the past 100 years.

Don’t Depend on Body Language and Joking Around.

Waiting for signs the other person into you isn’t the way to go. Often mixed signals happen between boy and girl. Boy thinks girl likes him for more than a friend. Girl doesn’t reciprocate and boy is crushed.

When asking her out on a date, don’t become pushy and insist she goes out with you. This is considered harassment in most cases. A restraining order is not your best friend when asking females out.

Don’t Stalk.

Don’t show up at every place she hangs out at, this often has a negative side effect when wanting to ask a girl out on a date. Just walk up to her and ask her for coffee, a soda, to a game, to dinner, a movie, anything. Don’t become the lurker in the shadows because she may not be into being watched from a distance even if you’re not intending to be a stalker in the dark. The worst thing she will say is no.

Be a man and bow out gracefully because her reasoning for not going out with you may be something as simple as having plans with friends on the night you want to take her out. If she says maybe another time, take it as that; a maybe. She hasn’t totally shot you down at this point.

Don’t Go Snooping To Find the Phone Number.

Don’t use something you found to make a move on her. This is bad karma waiting to happen. Ask her if it’s okay for you to call her and have a chat. Ask her for her phone number. This is the best way to get your foot in the door so to speak. Even these days of texting, this beats the heck out of being a creep and turning something innocent into a big blow up with her and friends.

Don’t go through your sisters cell phone looking for the number of her hot friend, Tina. That’s a deal breaker for most girls and your sister. You’ll not only come off looking like a jerk to your sister, but possibly a creep to her friend.

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