3 Earthquakes and a Hurricane Later..

There has been a lot of activity in the world over the last few days and still to come. It all began with the earthquakes that have rocked the United States.

Trinidad, Colorado

It all began in Trinidad, Colorado with a 5.3 earthquake. The earthquake that hit Trinidad is the largest in the states history since 1973.

Mineral, Virginia

The second earthquake attacked Mineral, Virginia would be the strongest of the three at 5.8. Unlike the earthquake in Colorado, this particular one was the center point for what would rock the western coast from Charleston, South Carolina to Boston.

San Francisco, California

The final one was in San Francisco and the weakest of the three at 3.6.

Csmonitor.com posted that experts say both Colorado and Virginia were an unusual occurrence. They also posted that not one earthquake had anything to do with another.

That is a relieve but what is going on with Hurricane Irene. Irene is now a category 3 hurricane and on its way to North Carolina.

With the recent quake on the west cost it is not looking like a pleasant time for those living on the seaboard, especially since Irene is now predicted to head from the North Carolina on up toward the New England area.

So, is their a coincidence to all of this? Is the world coming to an end?

I do not believe it to be true and neither do the experts. According to CBS News Miami meteorologist David Bernard there is two different paths the storm could take. The first one I mentioned already, but the second one is even more frightening for it will take the storm all the way into New York City.

However, for now the storm is looking as if it will depreciate down to a category 2 before it gets that far. Let us hope that is the case, and the worse scenarios never happen.

You can read more on Hurricane Irene predictions at cbs.news or weather.com for updates.

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