5 Best Tech Gifts for the Holiday Season

This is my personal choice of Tech Gifts for this Holiday Season. I have had the opportunity to review each, starting with the most expensive gift to the lowest costing gift.

Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5

The Roadster Sport starts at $128,500 in the United States. The Roadster offers supercar performance without supercar emissions. It is engineered for efficiency, zero-emissions and can drive 245 miles per charge. It plugs into nearly any outlet, anywhere in the world. I have been in this car several times while covering auto shows. It is on the expensive side but a very good politically correct tech toy for an eco-conscious driver.

BeoVision 4

An 85-inch plasma TV and the latest member of Bang & Olufsen’s home cinema family and the first Full HD screen with 3D. It incorporates state-of-the-art performance within audio, video, magical moving mechanics, all completely controlled by the Beo6 remote control. I had the fortune to be at the North America preview of the TV and it is big, heavy and lives up to its expectations and costs $85,000.

Canon EOS 7D Digital SLR Camera

The estimated retail price of $1,699.00 is for the body only. There are a variety of lenses you can purchase with it. I opted for the package of 50mm and 200mm lens costing just under $3,000. The EOS 7D also captures Full HD video at 30p (29.97 fps), 24p (23.976 fps) and 25p with an array of manual controls, including manual exposure during movie shooting tool a choice for serious photographers and semi-professionals.

Traxxas® is The Fastest Name in Radio Control®.

It lives up to its hype. It has state-of the-art technology, cutting edge design and a focus on quality and precision. The Traxxas does 0-60 in 2.3 seconds and 0-100 in 4.92 seconds. Top speed over 100MPH! Ready-To-Race Supercar with a $1099.99 price tag.

LG Thrill cell phone

It has a 1 GHz dual-core processor supported by dual-channel, dual-memory architecture. Glasses free 3D display with 4.3″ 3D touchscreen for 3D games, movies, Dual 5 MP HD cameras to capture pictures and videos in 3D and runs about $499 with no contract.

We have two of these phones and they do perform as promised if you throw away the secondary micro SD card that comes with the phone and replace it with a faster class 10 chip.

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