5 Budget Friendly Sleeping Bags for Kids

The best sleeping bags for kids’ have the features and price the parents want along with the designs the kids’ desire. Some of these bags have characters on them and others have designs the kids will enjoy. All of these sleeping bags have a price tag of around thirty dollars so all are budget friendly.

The Eureka Grasshopper has a two-tone green shell and the lining is black. This mummy style bag has a 30-degree rating, which means it will keep a child warm when the temperature is hovering right above freezing. The polyester taffeta shell is quilted to the lining to keep the Thermashield fiberfill in place, which prevents those cold spots. Also included for the child is an inner stash pocket, which will hold a small stuffed animal or small flashlight. The zipper is a two way, self-repairing on and this bag includes the draft tube which will help to keep the warmth inside close to the body.

The Eureka Minnow is yellow, black and gray and is a rectangular sleeping bag. This has a rating of 45 degrees so its best suited in warmer climates for late spring, summer or early fall use. It comes with a small bag for storage. The black lining of this one is quilted to help make sure the filling stays in place.

The Palmetto Cool Weather bag has a red polyester shell and with lining is grayish. This bag is designed for temputures in the thirty to fifty degree range. You can also purchase green and light blue bags, this would be great to have these three with three kids. Every parent knows this means less fighting and more enjoyable times. Anyways this is 33 inches wide and 75 inches long, which means it is great for kids age 3, and up to pre-teens. There is a zipper guard, which means the lining will not be caught in the zipper.

The Alligator sleeping bag is perfect for preschoolers and smaller kids. This bright green bag is designed to looking like a gator, and the mouth area is the part your child slips into. There is also a Ladybug design by the same company. Both of these sleeping bags are for inside use only as they are very lightweight. These could even be taken to preschool for naptime.

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