5 Creative Couples Costumes for Halloween

Couples costumes offer partners the chance to get creative together, but can easily wander into the cheesy category. If you and your significant other would like to dress up together, here are five creative ideas for couples costumes.

Dog and Fire Hydrant

A red stocking hat and sweatshirt serves as the base of the fire hydrant costume. The cap and side couplings of the hydrant can be put together out of Styrofoam and sprayed with silver or red spray paint. Additional details can include gluing strips of cloth onto the red shirt to mirror the indentations in a real hydrant, and pieces of chain.

The dog costume is easy to put together, but each person is going to have to fight over who gets to be the hydrant or the dog!

Pinata and Bat

There are several ways to make a pinata costume, and all of them are rather time consuming. Whether you decide to glue strips of colored paper to an old sweatshirt or a cardboard box, it’s going to take a few hours to get the the pinata effect. Headpieces can be made from cheap paper party hats with the same paper strips and paper streamers coming out the end! The other partner can either dress in “Mexican” wear and carry an inflatable bat, or use cardboard to actually become the bat! The pinata can carry candy in their pockets to add a little interaction to this costume.

Brick Wall and Brick Layer

This costume idea comes from the creativity of a couple of my co-workers. One partner dressed up in coveralls and a hard hat, with a tool belt around her waist. On her back was a piece of paper with the words “Jones’ Bricklaying … We Lay ‘Em Right.” Her partner had taken two pieces of cardboard and painted a brick wall pattern onto both sides! It was the hit of the party and won Best Couple’s Costume for the night.

Snidely Whiplash and Nell

The classic evil villain and damsel in distress from the Dudley Do Right cartoon. One partner is Snidely, with his black or purple coat and top hat. Don’t forget the mustache! The “Nell” character originally wears a blue prairie-style dress, but she can be modernized to fit the personality of the couple. No matter how “Nell” is dressed, however, railroad tracks are necessity. They can be cut out of cardboard and worn with two straps that go over the shoulders. If you’re going to tie Nell up, ropes around the shoulders give the effect while leaving the forearms free for the evening’s activities.

Fish Taco (and other crazy food combos)

If you Google “couple’s costume,” you’ll see the classic bacon and eggs pairing. But what about other food partners? One couple got creative with the woman being a “fish” and the guy a taco shell. Together they were a fish taco! Get your creative juices flowing with common food pairings. Coffee and donut? Olive oil and bread? Pickles and ice cream? Choose your favorite and create a costume with humor and personality.

Sources: Personal Experience

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