5 Educational and Fun Activities You Can Do with Your Kids Over Winter Break

Learning is as important at home as it is in school and as parents, we need to keep our kids’ brains working as much as we can. Winter break will be here soon and this is a great time to plan some learning activities for them to enjoy. Here are just a few projects that will be just as much fun for you as it is for them.

Math Activity

As you are shopping, ask younger ones to help you add up how much something will be. For example, if cucumbers are on sale 2/$3.00, ask them what would we pay if we bought 9 cucumbers? For older kids, have them help you plan a budget for your next shopping trip. I have used this with my two kids to help teach them about real life math.

Learning About History

Heading to a museum over winter break is a great activity for kids of all ages. Talk about the history of what you see and then go home and have them look up more information on that particular subject. They will learn and so will you.

Favorite Things Writing Project

Kids seem to either love writing or hate it. Does your child have a favorite video game they love? How about their favorite celebrity they follow? Have them write you a paper about their favorites. It gives kids a chance to tell you why they love what they do and it gives them some writing practice. Check for misspelled words or grammar usage but also be excited about what they write.


Learning about space is always fun and exciting for most kids. There is something about being an astronaut that fascinates them. Why not learn about it during winter break? Science Daily is a great conversation starter with all of the latest astronomy news. NASA also provides a picture of the day which is very fascinating. Have them research any photos that may interest them.

Culinary School

Does your child love to cook or would love to learn? My daughter loves cooking. Any age can learn this important life lesson and you can also teach them about healthy eating in the process. Turn your kitchen into a culinary school for a week. Make a schedule of cooking lessons, put on an apron and get to work. They will love it!

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