5 Fashion Tips to Dress for School Office Success

Fashion need not be left at home just because you’re around children all day. As the face of the school office, what you do, say, and look like gives visitors their impressions of your school. That is a fact that cannot be ignored. When you consider all of your duties, you might be tempted to pull on a pair of comfy jeans, tennis shoes, and a friendly t-shirt. Yes, your school day includes cleaning up after lunch spills, caring for bloody noses, and tending to queasy stomachs. But having those responsibilities doesn’t mean that you should dress like you’re going to the gym.

For your school’s sake, you need to look your best. It may seem impossible, but you can look fashionable while tending to a school of children. Concentrate on the “Five C’s” to create your school office look.

Comfortable. With facets of your office work ranging from phone answering to fever taking to lugging boxes of copy paper, you should wear clothing that doesn’t hinder your work performance. Keep your shoes flat and your sandals strapped. You don’t want to be caught in heels or flip-flops during an emergency or while directing the school car line traffic. But have fun with color and style. Your tops, jackets, and pants should fit in a way that helps you move easily from sitting at the computer to carrying that large backdrop for the third grade play. Aim for clothing that lets you work safely and well.

Conservative. Save revealing tops, skinny jeans, and short skirts for after work hours. Parents want to know that professionalism is the hallmark of a place their children attend for the better part of the day. And you want to give them that impression even when you’re not speaking a word. If you’re worried about the heat, then buy natural fabric shirts and short jackets to wear over tank tops and fitted shirts. There is never a shortage of gorgeous, warm weather dresses and attractive shirts from which to choose. Capri pants and linen slacks can keep you cool at the office in warm weather. Be sure that you buy only quality pieces as these will be the foundations of your school office wardrobe.

Cleanable. Being messy is an important part of a child’s life. Be ready for this at school by wearing clothing that is easy to clean, like cottons and polyesters. Keep handy a clothing stain remover stick for those inevitable accidents. You might even want to have an fun apron ready to put on if you’re going to be visiting an art classroom or the school lunch area.

Complement. Sticking with a comfortable and conservative wardrobe can cause your clothing to be bland — but that’s no reason to despair. With a care-free school office wardrobe, you have a blank slate to jazz up with jewelry, scarves, belts, suspenders, socks, leggings, and other fashion items. Buy these items at discount stores so that your dollar is stretched and your daily choices are many. Mix and match your separates and accessories for a working fashion statement.

Categorize. Rearrange your home closet and create a section that is reserved for your school office clothing. This will save you time in the morning as you know exactly what and what not to wear. Though you may only have a few pieces in this work clothes section, you’ll soon be surprised at what you can do with a limited yet quality wardrobe, inexpensive accessories, and your personal fashion sense.

By putting these five C’s to work, you will find it easy to dress fashionably for school office success.

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