5 Must-Have Free iPhone Apps for Gamers

There are many things about the iPhone for gamers to enjoy, including the great selection of games for the device itself. It should also be noted that there are many applications that supplement the needs of gamers across all platforms, home consoles and PCs alike. The following apps should be a staple of anyone who is serious about gaming:

1. IGN

IGN has long been a respected name in the gaming industry. The website is chalk full of useful content for gamers across all platforms. The iPhone app brings the most important elements of the site right into the palm of your hand. As a gamer, I find myself using this app almost daily to stay abreast of the latest news, trends, and reviews. This app is an absolute must-have for any video game enthusiast.

2. Best Buy Gaming

Best Buy has become one of the retailers of choice for gamers, and the company has taken its reputation and expanded on it with a tremendous app that showcases some features that gamers will love. Deals of the day, Reward Zone points balances, and trade-in values of games are just some of the things users will be able to find when using the app. Users can even customize their choice of console or platform to personalize the app.

3. Gamefaqs

Gamefaqs has been an industry leader in generating a wealth of information on video games across every platform. Though it has not yet integrated the forums found on the full site, the app still offers easy access to walkthroughs and FAQs for any game on the planet. That is enough to warrant consideration for downloading this simple, yet useful app onto your device.

4. Gamefly

Gamefly.com is a site that focuses on giving its members access to hundreds of games across several platforms for a reasonable price. The iPhone app gives users, Gamefly members and non-members alike, access to an interactive community of gamers that share information, reviews, and insights into the most popular and trending gaming topics. The social aspects of this app set it apart from the rest.

5. Video Games News

For those who are interested in gaming news alone, the Video Games News app provides just that. Users are able to filter content by platform, title, category, or simply browse the top stories in the industry. Stories can also be shared via e-mail or social media outlets Twitter and Facebook. It pulls information from all sources and makes it extremely easy to find the stories that are most relevant to each individual.

Michael C. Jones is a Yahoo! Featured Contributor in Technology and an avid gamer.

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