9 Fun Facts About Trey Songz

Trey Songz is known for his singing. He has released four albums so far: I Gotta Make It, Trey Day, Ready, and Passion Pain & Pleasure. Here are some fun facts about the singer:

On “Can’t Help But Wait”: The singer says he would not have recorded the song “Can’t Help But Wait” because anyone could have sang it except for the fact that he needed to make a commercial album.

Fun fact on his braids: Trey Songz doesn’t think he’d have the same level of success if he had not cut his braids.

2010 highlights: Some of Trey Songz’s highlights for the year 2010 were going on tour with Jay-Z and Usher, meeting Barack Obama, getting a Kodak endorsement, and putting out his fourth album.

Fun fact: Three things you might find in a Trey Songz dressing room are Skittles, candles, and a humidifier for his voice.

Goals: One of his daily goals is to try to get closer to God.

Random quote: “I definitely feel the sex symbol status.”

On Twitter: As you might imagine, he says he gets the craziest TwitPics from fans that involve “bathtubs and suds, all types of stuff”.

Favorite cities: New York and Miami are his two favorite cities to visit. In fact, he told Honey Mag, “every time I go to New York, it’s crazy how people are in the street all night. The city never sleeps.” And goes on to say, “Miami is beautiful – the weather, the women, the beach – it’s carefree out there. It’s like a TV show or something.”

Fun fact: Trey Songz bought his mom a crib and a couple of cars, saying that she deserved it. That gift also happens to be the most expensive gift he’s ever bought for another person.

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