A Curb Christmas Tree

A Curb Christmas tree

Once upon a time there was this skinny artificial Christmas tree that had a great home, a home filled with gifts, laughter, music, food and love, then as it was to be put up for Christmas this year the owners discovered that some of the lights were not working, they had been eaten by the hungry mice in the attic, so with much disappointment they tossed me out to the curb. “Poor Christmas Tree” Where am I to go from here said the cold Christmas Tree as it laid on the cold ground waiting for the trash man.

The wind was blowing bristly this night maybe I’d be blown away, down the cold black road ahead, I hope that someone sees me, I’m still a good tree, someone could take me in, most of my lights still work, I sure hope I find a home, it’s getting colder out here.

It’s been hours and still I wait here, the wind is moving me forward & backwards I’m getting so dizzy laying out here I really need to stand up and stretch my branches, Christmas will be here soon, Someone! Any one! Please take me home, “I really do work” and I don’t take up much space. It’s really dark now I’m getting harder to see, hope I get a home soon.

Oh! this could be it, I see head lights from a car down the road I hope they see me and want to take me home, oh dam they passed me up, dam dark green grass I blend right in with the grass people will never see me, sure hope I find a home Christmas will be here soon.

Oh Boy! Another car please stop and pick me up, oh wait they are slowing down, Hurray! They want me they are looking at me, oh please, oh please pick me up and put me in your car, oh wait, they are! they are getting out, oh boy! I have a new home and they are so happy to have me I can’t wait until they get me home, I’m so cold.

I can tell they are so happy, they took me out of the car and placed me right in front of the picture window in the living room, they like me. Oh no they are plugging me in, I know they will see that some of my lights don’t work, I hope I don’t end up on their curb, but wait a minute they are so happy, they think I look great and with just a few more lights they said I would be fine. Oh my god! I am so happy, they are stretching out my branches and adding more lights, I’m beaming with joy, I have never been so colorful, wow, I look great, they are adding more things to my branches and I am now filled with Christmas Joy, I found a home and I look great! Thank You.

To the many Christmas trees that lay on the curb may someone pick you up one day and make you as joyful as I am today.

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