A Great Vet for Your Pet in Carson City

Quail Ridge Animal Hospital is a wonderful place. It sits, unassuming in a small shopping area in southern Carson City, Nevada. Run by Dr. Lesli Hewitt, an extraordinary person and exceptional veterinarian, the hospital provides almost every service your pet needs from care to boarding. When you walk in you’re not assailed by a medicinal smells and animal odors. It has a fresh clean smell and soothing atmosphere. The seats of the pet friendly waiting area are benches that line the walls and showcase the salt water fish tank in the center. There is a mural painted on one wall showing a variety of exotic animals that she has treated. After you check in for your appointment you may look around and notice the cats sitting either on or next to the counter. At first you may think their statues until they give you that bored stare and twitch an ear.
Not only do they treat your pets they also give you peace of mind. The staff is knowledgeable, very friendly and they love your pet. They are quick to reassure you and help soothe your fears. I have seen many veterinarians that will recommend tests and procedures that are unnecessary and cost prohibited at the first sign of your pets trouble. Dr. Hewitt will start at the simple and low cost remedies before moving up to the big guns as it were. She talks to you about your pet in a way that you can understand and never talks down to you. She truly cares for your pet and by extension you.
I have a hedgehog and unless it is an emergency I will continue to take him to Dr. Hewitt even though I live in Reno and the Quail Ridge Animal Hospital is on the southern outskirts of Carson City. So if you have a pet, especially an exotic, and are looking for an excellent veterinarian, go check out Dr. Hewitt. You won’t regret it.

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