A Hero is Born

It’s so easy to enjoy life when everything is going well. A good job, stable finances, a wonderful marriage. What’s not to love? Life falls into a nice routine and one day goes into the next with a calm flow of contentment.

So what happens when that calm flow of contentment is disrupted? When tragedy occurs or the pain of divorce is felt or a simple lay-off turns that easy life upside down? Life still goes on, of course, but the beauty of the world is now colored with despair and devastation.

While in the midst of this chaos, people often can’t see what is truly happening. But those on the outside can see clearly. They can see the courage, the strength, and an amazing resiliency develop. They can see the heart and the hope emerge. They can see the faith and the love bloom. Most of all, they can see heroes born.

Heroes are born out of the trauma and the tragedies in life. A true hero has triumphed over despair . War heroes , cancer survivors, and others who struggle through hard times have a beauty born of experience. Single parents who work two jobs while raising their families have wisdom that comes from the heart. Children who smile through their medical procedures for cancer have out hearts. Anyone who can make it through a tough time needs to know how absolutely amazing they are. That’s our part.

We need to be there for those in need of a hug, a smile, a shoulder. We need to let them know we are here for them. We need to take on a bit of their burden, to ease the strain of life for a minute. We sometimes need to be their voice of reason and we sometimes need to be silent and just listen. And, most of all, we need to watch in awe as a hero is born.

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