A Look at England Through American Eyes

When I turned 21 my mother and I boarded a plane to travel overseas. It would be my first trip to England and I was so excited. The plane ride was fast and the time passed without incident and when we arrived, England was already beckoning for us to go on an adventure.

We were in England, staying in London, for a full week and we did a lot of major site seeing. The highlights were Windsor Castle, The Roman Baths, the Tower of London, and taking a ride on The Eye. The amount of history that goes a long with the first three places is just beyond comprehension. Just, imagine walking where Queen Elizabeth I and King Henry VIII did while they used the castle for entertainment. Each room in this old castle is set up with people in each room from different eras to talk about different points in history. Every one that works there is so kind and just buzzing with information from the number of decades royalty actually lived in that house. Bath is incredible because of how old it actually is. The bath is still standing from when the Romans came into England. The displays include old pottery and even a skeleton that was found near the bathes themselves. Although the bathe water is undrinkable today it is still fascinating just to see the water that people thought was so magical and all healing.

Healing is the last thing you think of when you think of the Tower of London. When you are taken on a tour the tour guides actually function as guards as well. Each tour guide has served in the British military for over twenty years and must live in the houses that are still part of the Tower of London. It’s its own little town with a doctor’s office and a church where we were told the Queen still comes to worship every Sunday. And naturally they still keep grows at the Tower of London to make sure London and England do not fall from power.

Not too far from the Tower of London is The Eye. I must say, as massive as this wheel looks in pictures, it is a grand site to see. The Wheel does not stop to let passengers on, once your turn to board is up you must make a quick hop to get in because it is just too massive to have a stop and go motion like its smaller Ferris Wheel brothers and sisters. It takes a about 25 to 30 minutes for it to make a full pass from when you board to when you get off of The Eye. It is breath taking to see Old London and New London which seems to be separated by the Thames River, you really must take a ride on this amazing structure.

If I were to go back I would to go back I would at some of the smaller, quitter places in London. And I would highly recommend brushing up on English slang and Terms.

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