A Microchip Helped Reunite Dog and His Human Family After a Year Apart

A microchip is worth its weight in gold and if you don’t have one for your dog, now is the time to get it done. Just ask Monica Benson of Michigan how much her dog’s chip is worth. A small investment is well worth it.

The Benson family was on vacation last year with their 5 children. They were traveling on I-40 in Tucumcari, NM. On June 15, 2010 their family mini-van overturned. Monica’s husband Gary and their daughter Emily were both killed. Another son, Benjamin was seriously injured. Little Benjamin had to stay in ICU for a while. The rest of the family went back to the scene of the accident to try to find their little dog, Caesar, but to no avail.

Piecing together the last year, it seems that someone found Caesar and took him and. That same family dropped the little dog off at a shelter in Tucumcari and told the workers that they were moving and couldn’t take him.

As you have probably figured out by now, Caesar, a Maltese, was scanned for a microchip and bingo, a phone number came up. However, when the number was called it had been disconnected. The worker at the Tucumcari Animal Rescue Group, Christina Flemming, went on-line and did her research. She hoped to find out where the family lived, and she found out more than that.

Christina located an article about the fatal accident. She then contacted the funeral home in Michigan, which was listed. From there Monica Benson’s information was given to Christina and she contacted the family. They were given the good news that Caesar was fine and the family was elated. One small ray of sunshine is being returned to the Benson family.

Little Caesar, missing for one year, is on his way back home to Clio, Michigan. The Benson’s have been through an awful time this past year. Hopefully with the return of Caesar they will have something to smile about.

If you have a dog, please get a microchip. It is not expensive, about $20 to $25, and it can be worth a million bucks if your dog gets lost. Also, remember to upgrade your personal information if you move or change phone numbers. Make an appointment with your vet and get your dog a microchip, you won’t be sorry.


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