A Must-Read for Hollywood Directors

Hollywood’s always recycling old scripts, so I came up with the ULTIMATE remake idea after viewing the original Agatha Christie classic, “Murder, Most Foul”, starring Margaret Rutherford: why not an updated version, with Angela Lansbury (of “Murder, She Wrote” tv fame) in the starring role?

Ms. Lansbury is a natural for the part; believe it or not, she’s in my friends list in Facebook, and when I approached her with the proposal, she “liked” it. A wonderful DREAM COME TRUE to see this film on the big screen, if only a great director would step forward, and look into making this happen.

As a moviegoer, I am often disappointed with some of the poorly-written movies that are appearing in the local theaters, and to witness how many recycled scripts are being used; however, a great classic such as one written by Dame Agatha Christie with Angela Lansbury would truly be appreciated, and, most importantly, a huge success — so, how about it, Hollywood?

To the general public: if anyone else agrees with the above, please let the directors know — the more reaction to this proposition, the more likely someone will pursue it. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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